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Teenage Female Sociopaths

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

America has always been all about money, much ballyhooed pretensions of “liberty” and “democracy” aside. It was, after all, where El Dorado was supposed to be located.

The girls in this video are the perfectly rendered final product of a process — long in the making — of stripping off morality and basic human decency from a young nation that is no more, replaced by squabbling “special interests” packs.

“Thou shall not steal”? Well, money is money, so just grab it if you can. If you don’t get away with it (which happens to small timers, not to big sharks operating on the vast global scale), then, when confronted with your crime, do you feel remorse?

Well, no, you will only be “pissed,” all the more so if you don’t get to keep it, as the girl says.

Ask these girls, or the parents who raised them (or delegated their upbringing to the TV) some questions:

–Is it wrong to attack, invade and destroy other countries and steal the land from under their feet? Is it wrong to occupy other countries and declare your “independence” on the newly minted state, slated for ethnic cleansing?
Well, money is money.

— How about if the shoe is on the other foot? Yours! Is it wrong for global banksters to steal the wealth of nations — including yours!–making them and their future progeny –including you and yours! –their indentured slaves? Well, we may be “pissed” — the girls would likely think– but we would have to admit that the motivation was understandable:
Money is money!

“O brave new world, 
That has such people in’t!”

How befitting that it should arise in the “New World”, “land of the brave,” midwifed by the oldest (and only) religious belief teaching that “Money is money” and if you are “special” it should be all yours.  The rest are just strategy and tactical details.

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