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US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia Making Bid to Establish Sunni State in Eastern Syria?

“A ground operation would involve all participants in a war. Therefore, the Americans and our Arab partners must consider well whether they want a permanent war,” says Russian FM Lavrov.

A wider war in Syria is looking like an increasing possibility.

“We have serious reasons to believe that Turkey has been taking efforts to prepare a military invasion of the territory of a sovereign state – the Syrian Arab Republic. We have seen many signs of the hidden preparations of the Turkish armed forces for military actions in Syria,” said Russian Defense Ministry Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

Have the Saudis gotten hold of tactical nuclear weapons, and are they now moving them into Turkey? See analysis by Gordon Duff at Veterans Today.

Sputnik reports that the Syrian Army and the US-led Coalition “are competing in a race for Raqqa, because the stakes are very high.” Raqqa is on the Euphrates in northeaster Syria. Whoever controls the area going into peace talks will hold a huge bargaining chip. An excerpt from the Sputnik report:

The blogger suggests that Mosul may become part of a new “Sunni state” that would be put under Ankara’s tutelage.

There are clear signs indicating that the US-led coalition could have been preparing for advance in northeast Syria.

The Pentagon has recently expanded the Rmeilan airbase in Syria’s northern province of Hasakah; American helicopters were spotted using the base by independent observers on the ground.

The information has been confirmed by geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, which provided satellite imagery of the Rmeilan airfield. Furthermore, it is known that the US Special Ops have been deployed in Syria.

On Friday US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter met with his counterpart from the United Arab Emirates in Brussels. After the meeting, Carter said that the UAE had agreed to deploy its special forces troops in Syria to assist Sunni Arab fighters on the ground to capture Raqqa, the Associated Press reported.

The news is especially interesting in light of the recent Saudi vow to launch a ground operation in Syria with US backing.

Press TV reports that the Syrian Army is planning a push into Raqqa. Meanwhile, Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill have issued a joint declaration. Here are some highlights:

We call upon the international community to act urgently in order to prevent the further expulsion of Christians from the Middle East. In raising our voice in defence of persecuted Christians, we wish to express our compassion for the suffering experienced by the faithful of other religious traditions who have also become victims of civil war, chaos and terrorist violence.

Thousands of victims have already been claimed in the violence in Syria and Iraq, which has left many other millions without a home or means of sustenance. We urge the international community to seek an end to the violence and terrorism and, at the same time, to contribute through dialogue to a swift return to civil peace. Large–scale humanitarian aid must be assured to the afflicted populations and to the many refugees seeking safety in neighbouring lands…

We address, in a fervent appeal, all the parts that may be involved in the conflicts to demonstrate good will and to take part in the negotiating table. At the same time, the international community must undertake every possible effort to end terrorism through common, joint and coordinated action. We call on all the countries involved in the struggle against terrorism to responsible and prudent action. We exhort all Christians and all believers of God to pray fervently to the providential Creator of the world to protect His creation from destruction and not permit a new world war. In order to ensure a solid and enduring peace, specific efforts must be undertaken to rediscover the common values uniting us, based on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ…

The mainstream media are ramping up the calls for war. Commentary like this on Fox News, referring to Obama as having been “outsmarted” by Putin, puts enormous pressure on the White House and increases the likelihood of war between Russia and the US:

And the above is just one example. The Zionist media are really stoking the fires. The Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, is now attending talks in Munich and is saying that relations between Russia and NATO have fallen to a new low.

Almost every day we are referred to as the most terrible threat to NATO as a whole or to Europe, America and other countries specifically,” Medvedev said. “Although actual threats that exist in our small world – and I hope, you understand that – are absolutely different.

And finally this–Prof. Michel Chossudovsky says the Syria proxy war against ISIS has “reached its climax” and that escalation could be pushing toward a US ground invasion. Here are some excerpts:

So far, this proxy war has unfolded without a direct confrontation between US-NATO allied forces and Syrian government forces, which are supported militarily by Russia and Iran.

A major transition is now occurring in the conduct of the war on Syria. The terrorists are being defeated by Syrian government forces with the support of Russia. The proxy war (under the formal banner of the “war on terrorism”) has reached its climax.

Turkish forces are now directly involved in combat operations within Syrian territory.

In turn, Saudi Arabia, which is a State sponsor of terrorism has announced that it will be dispatching troops to Syria, allegedly with a view to combating the ISIS terrorists, which just so happen to be supported by Saudi Arabia.

Chossudovsky says a new proxy war, with Saudi Arabia and Turkey directly involved in ground operations, and the US pulling the strings in the background, is now unfolding. Read the full article here.

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