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Preparing for Nuclear War-Parts 1 & 2

Russia Calls UN Security Council Meeting to Prevent Turkey’s Invasion of Syria


Russia is set to initiate a meeting of the UN Security Council today to prevent Turkey’s planned invasion of Syria.

Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, is most concerned with:

Turkey’s announced plans to put boots on the ground in northern Syria,”

It undercuts efforts to launch a political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic,”

Russia seeks to do the following at the meeting:

“End any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, that are at odds with UN Security Council resolution 2254, as well as [interfere] with the launch of the Syrian peace process.”

Just two weeks ago Russia announced that it had ‘serious grounds’ to believe Turkey was planning a ground invasion, after the Turks refused to let Russia fly surveillance flights near its border with Syria.

Since then, Saudi Arabia has been openly supportive of the plan and Turkey has been hyping numerous reasons that it could use to try and justify its coming invasion.

Turkey has even proposed somewhat of a land-grab, saying it wants a 10km ‘secure line’ cut across Northern Syria, which also happened to include an arms smuggling corridor that the CIA has been using to supply terrorists throughout Syria.

Incredibly, instead of taking Turkey’s threatening behaviour seriously, Samantha Power of the United States accused Moscow of trying to “distract the world” with its Security Council resolution.

Perhaps what angers the US the most is that Russia is playing this 100% by the book, an alien concept to US foreign policy for at least the past 15 years, as it seeks to guarantee thesovereignty of the Syrian state and properly eradicate its terror problem.

Preparing for Nuclear War-Part Two

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Nuclear War-Parts 1 & 2

  1. Turkey risks civil war in their own country, if they did invade Syria,they would face the battle hardened Syrian army backed by Russia and they would lose,they would go to war with a civil war behind them,as the Turkish Kurdish militants would ally themselves with Syrian Kurdish forces. The gangster Erdogan must realise he has lost,his proxies ,ISIS and Al Nusra front are now waiting for the coup de gras in Aleppo and Raqqa,ISIS are DEFEATED!!! Its OVER, America is not willing to risk WWIII with Russia.The result is that the Kurds will have a autonomous region and president Basha Al Assad will probably win the popular vote,as for the Saudi’s they also risk civil war.Face it guys you lost

  2. I think your analysis on Turkey’s military prospects should it invade Syria are correct, Ozy. The monkeywrench is that the mainstream media and the Zionist lobby want war with Russia (for all the reasons Sheikh Hosein states), and there is a very powerful faction within the US government that is working to achieve that goal.

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