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On the Front Line With the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Outside Aleppo

 photo iraniantroops_zpszdfw3aok.jpg

By Robert Fisk

We knew who they were the moment they approached us on the front line outside Aleppo. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards – no longer merely advisers but fighting troops alongside the Syrian army – emerged on the roadside in their grey-patterned camouflage fatigues, speaking good though not perfect Arabic but chatting happily in Persian when they knew we could understand them.

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6 thoughts on “On the Front Line With the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Outside Aleppo

  1. Robert Fisk seems to be the only journo in Fleet St that is not taking his orders from Washington, and can see the truth of what’s going on out there.
    Having to apologise to the Iranians for Britain’s complicity with ISIS must have particularly embarrassing.
    If I were Fisk I would have explained to them that our prime minister is a moronic upper-class twit who has done more to recruit jihadists than ISIS ever could, and that he sleeps with a picture of Netanyahu above the bed, and a duvet emblazoned with a map of Israel.

  2. Cameron loves Israel, that’s for sure. Probably eventually he’ll learn the lesson Obama now seems to have learned–that no matter how much you do for them, Israelis will always be of the view that you didn’t do enough.

  3. It seems like Fisk is celebrating Iranian’s fighters in Syria, as much as he did in the first gulf war, so what’s the difference between him and other reporters who celebrate America’s wars.
    Iranians are foreigners same as Isis , the British ..etc
    They are not freedom fighters they fight like the rest of them for earthly gains not for Islam . Iranian fighters are not marters and no one is.

  4. Well, Iman, I think it comes down to the reasons one might have for sending troops into another country. Sending them in to help defend against an invasion of foreign-backed terrorists is one thing; sending them just because you don’t like the government they have and want to get rid of it is another. So is it your view that Iran and Russia both, in coming to the defense of Syria, are just after earthly gains? I’m not really sure why Saudis are so hostile to Iran while at the same time being so friendly and cozy with the US and Israel, who, collectively, between the two of them, have probably killed millions of Muslims over the past couple of decades. So maybe you could explain that as well because I certainly don’t know the answer to it–unless of course the whole thing simply comes down to earthly gains. 🙂

  5. Do you really mean that you believe that Russia and Iran want to defend Syria. No one is there to defend Syria . Everyone is trying to defend what they think it’s theirs . Both Saudi and Iran are sucking up to US to win the badge of gulf policeman . Hail Caesar 🤑🌹

  6. I think they are defending Syria, yes, from criminal gangs of foreign backed killers. In the process they will gain the gratitude of the Syrian government and a good many Syrians as kind of a spinoff benefit, which may be materially worth something to them at some point down the line, but I don’t think that’s their principle reason for being there now.

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