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5 thoughts on “A Vegan Change of Heart

  1. He was doing well, despite the completely unnecessary versification of the message, until he quoted Einstein, who was all eager to develop the atomic bomb (in praise of life, I suppose) lecturing us on not killing. Can we stop holding up this zionist as some ultimate authority, please, as if his opinions on anything strengthen the viewpoint presented. That aside, it is a great message, but good luck with it in the US, the nation of triple burgers and ribs and hams and bacon, who holds contests on who can swallow more hot dogs in less time.

  2. I worked with an Inuit man who was in his late 70s a long time ago . He grew up in the old ways . Sometimes they were stuck and could not find food . They always stored fat , and that is what they all ate . No grocery isles full of produce …..just what they hunted . I knew indigenous people from Patagonia to Labrador – and there is none that did not hunt or eat meat . ” Fat will kill you ” . “Cholesterol” ….. I believed it all but now “Doctors say” has changed and fat is good . Who knew ? . Maybe some Rockefeller scientists knew . Veganism is an urban religion . Environmentalism , Green , Sustainable , Carbon Trading profit , Genocide , Codex Alimentarius , : all those words belong together and are not non sequiturs . I miss the days when a Watermelon was just a delicious fruit .

  3. video not working
    maybe later
    thief einstein, the ultimate human mind and final say on any subject
    like other jew lies, constant repetition makes something true

  4. If 5-D or I had written the poem we’d have probably left out the reference to Einstein…ok? But otherwise, I thought it was a durn fine poem!

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