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White House Says ISIS Murders of Christians Cannot Be Called Genocide


[Ed. note – I wonder–If ISIS were targeting and killing Jews, would Josh Earnest say it doesn’t really constitute genocide? ]


The Obama administration says Islamic State’s persecution of Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria is not genocide. The point where it is accurate to term it as such “has not been reached,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said at a press briefing.

Asked whether Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is practicing genocide in its extermination of Christians in Syria and Iraq, Earnest said: “My understanding is the use of that word involves a very specific legal determination that has at this point not been reached…”

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6 thoughts on “White House Says ISIS Murders of Christians Cannot Be Called Genocide

  1. The truth will out,when all the mass graves are discovered,the world will know where to point the finger ,and they won’t be able to dismiss it as Russian proboganda..I believe many Americans are who know their bible are now aware that their government has assisted in the deaths of the descendants of the earliest followers of Christ.If deliberate extermination of a people and culture is not genocide, then I don’t know what is

  2. On top of all that, Ozy, the government of Bashar Assad–the government they claim has committed massacres, barrel bombings, war crimes, etc. and every other charge they can think of to hurl at it–has protected Christians, while the lying Western leaders making these claims have supported ISIS and the other terrorists. That’s how twisted they are.

  3. well
    to say isis is committing genocide against christians in syria and iraq is to say the us, executing israeli policies, is committing these genocides.

    cant have a nobel awarded puppet guilty of such

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