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America’s Persian And Arabian Wars


[Ed. note – a very incisive and insightful  analysis on US wars by former diplomat Chas Freeman. If the name sounds familiar, it should. In 2009, Freeman was tapped by the Obama administration to serve as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, but his appointment was quashed by the Israeli Lobby. One of those leading the fight against him was Steve Rosen, formerly of AIPAC, who at the time was awaiting trial on espionage charges. What Freeman provides here is a close look at America’s entangled alliances with countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia from the perspective of a career diplomat, as well as its ongoing and seemingly endless wars and the destructive–as well as self-destructive–impacts they have had. ]

America’s Persian and Arabian Wars
Remarks to Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired (DACOR)

Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.)
DACOR Bacon House, Washington, DC 4 March 2016

Sometime between 460 and 450 B.C.E., Herodotus wrote The Persian Wars, his account of the Greeks’ two wars with the Persians, which spanned thirteen years.  Even in a time when trends and events unfolded more slowly than they seem to now, that was a famously lengthy conflict.  But the ancient Greeks and Persians have nothing on us Americans in that regard.

The United States has now been engaged in a cold war with Iran – Persia – for thirty-seven years.  It has conducted various levels of hot war in Iraq for twenty-six years.   It has been in combat in Afghanistan for fifteen years.  Americans have bombed Somalia for fifteen, Libya for five, and Syria for one and a half years.  One war has led to another.  None has yielded any positive result and none shows any sign of doing so.

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5 thoughts on “America’s Persian And Arabian Wars

  1. I made (and copied) this identical comment at the Uprooted Palestinians’ Blog. I admit that I don’t know or understand the relationship or synergy between UPB and Fig Trees and Vineyards. —

    I received the text of this speech from a correspondent; it is beyond excellent. Thanks for re-posting here…it needs to go viral-plus and somehow FORCE a change in course of the US’ rudderless and listing ship of state.

  2. Iran is gonna grow to be a colossus of the mid east,perhaps return to it’s past glory,did the neocons understand by destroying Iraq, that they were gonna change the balance of power?,if they didn’t, that’s amateurishness, well Iran’s star is in the ascendency, while Israel’s is in downward spiral of racist lunacy, as for the Saudis,they are a backward state with nice roads and buildings, of course non of which they built…

  3. Ozy, which past glory Iran had. Do you mean Persian empire? The Arabs had empire longer and more modern than Persia had. Arabs are not backwards just because you wish it. Keep dreaming.😴😲💤

  4. Iman, I appreciate Ozy’s comment, esp. “…Israel’s is in (a) downward spiral of racist lunacy.” Everything Ozy wrote rings true. I admired Saudi Arabia in the mid-70s but less and less ever since. I’m not Muslim, Sunni or Shi’a, but the Muslim World, esp. Saudi and its ilk, is allowing the West-cum-Zionism to divide and conquer it, and that’s a shame (theology is one thing; geopolitics is, or should be, separately and rationally treated). President Ahmadinejad visited Saudi for a reconciliatory-type solidarity visit in 2007 or 2008, and I thought that might be the start of some sanity…didn’t happen. The Saudis are somehow unsophisticated (indeed, Ozy’s “backwards”?) in a way I can’t fathom; they’ve forgotten, or deliberately moved away from a realization of, who the true enemy in their midst is, and — damn them — in the process they have tragically and shamefully neglected the brave-and-beleaguered people and land of Palestine. The Zionists are clever, clever, clever, and they can easily, insidiously move their adversaries into their domination-and-control orbit.

    In the meantime, Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still The Issue! I, too, am a Palestinian! [I’m repeating myself over and over in fora like this in the hope that one day Palestine will once again be recognized and treated as “still the issue.” Saudi — take note (but of course those royals wouldn’t take note of a nothing like me…).]

  5. Robert, you have the right to love or hate anyone or anything. I repeat again Arabs are not backward or less than Iranians or Persians or anybody else . That was my main point . I think that Zionist are not clever as you think they are but they are willing to do anything to get what they want .

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