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Meet the 14-Year-Old Palestinian Girl from Nabi Saleh

Ahmed Tamimi from Anna Surinyach on Vimeo.

[ Ed. note – Ahmed Tamimi is a young Palestinian girl who has featured prominently in a number of videos, cutting a rather striking figure at least as much for her blondish hair as her courage in the face of the occupation forces aligned against her and her people. You can go here to see a video from a few years ago in which she can be seen shaking her fists as she confronts a group of Israeli soldiers following their arrest of her brother, or scroll down below to see one from last summer in which she figured prominently in a wrestling match between a group of Palestinian women and a soldier trying to arrest a child. As you will see on the video, they succeeded in thwarting the arrest. Quite a kid, although maybe I shouldn’t call her that. Maybe the word “warrior” would be more fitting.

At any rate, things in Nabi Saleh, Ahmed’s village, are not so good these days. After the video of the soldier’s humiliation went viral, the town began to be subjected to harsher treatment, and as the article below reports, the Israeli military is now using a new and more dangerous tear gas projectile against the people.]


The Demonstrators of Nabi Saleh Face New Dangers from Israel


The residents of Nabi Saleh have been holding weekly demonstrations since 2009 in protest of the zionist regimes illegal occupation of the village’s land along with the takeover of the village’s spring located near the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish. The Israeli authorities ordered that certain ammenities that have since been placed by the illegal settlers be demolished, however this order has not been carried out.

In December 2011 at one of the weekly protests in Nabi Saleh, a soldier fired a high velocity tear gas canister to the chest of Mustafa Tamimi from close range. Mustafa was killed from the injuries that he sustained.

Nabi Saleh has recently faced more intense targeting from the Israeli army after a video was published of an Israeli soldier wrestling 12 year old boy Muhammad Tamimi who was beaten by the soldier and jammed between rocks whilst his mother and sister tried wrestling him away from the soldier. The video has since become a symbol of the excessive force used on Palestinian children by the occupying forces.

Continued here

You can also go here to read an account of the 2011 murder of Mustafa Tamimi.

Imagine growing up in a place like Nabi Saleh. Imagine carrying into your old age the sort of childhood memories Ahmed will take with her.

4 thoughts on “Meet the 14-Year-Old Palestinian Girl from Nabi Saleh

  1. Oh girl oh girl ! The life force inhabits her! The insane toll paid by the Palestinian people to quench the bloodthirsty zionist scum, will backlash on us all for we, the Westerners or should I say the “stupidterners”, have collectively turned a blind eye on it as we have been taught to do so. So ever since this conflict started, did we not keep electing puppets after puppets peddling zionist propaganda and haven’t we expected different results? Isn’t that the very definition of stupidity? Please prove me wrong.

  2. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that the people of Nabi Saleh are not going unnoticed by the majority of people in the world.The heroic actions of Ahmed Tamimi and other people like her are known in many parts of the world now.This don’t be mentioned by the mainstream newspapers or on television in the USA or Canada but the supporters of the Palestinian People here know about the People of Nabi Saleh despite that.
    The BDS Campaign is doing good work here and it will continue to do so until Israeli Apartheid is overthrown.The Canadian or American gov’ts can’t silence the supporters of Palestine no matter how much they try.

  3. We watch, we pray, we support the BDS. We spread the word. We support the refugees… Everything helps – no matter how small. Bless your courage, your fortitude and your stubborn refusal to relinquish your birthright. Viva Palestine… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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