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What Is Israel Trying to Hide?

Article highlights the stunning hypocrisy of Israel and its supporters, including those at the New York Times.


A delegation of seven lawmakers from the European Parliament arrived in Israel last month to visit Gaza, but one day before they were due to enter the enclave, Israeli authorities refused to give them access. Officials gave no reason for this ban, and The New York Times was equally silent, making no mention of the event in its pages.

This past week a group of six Belgian members of parliament, representing a range of political parties, also traveled to Israel, planning to meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations in Gaza. Israeli authorities blocked their entry to the coastal strip, sparking an outraged reaction from the MPs. Once again, the Times had nothing to say.

Three days later, however, the Times ran a story on page 3, informing us that India has denied visas to a group monitoring religious conflicts. The story, “India Denies Visas to Group Monitoring Religious Freedom,”

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One thought on “What Is Israel Trying to Hide?

  1. only news acceptable to jews
    maybe russia has some sat pics willing to share
    also like to know which jew pocket has the internat aid money meant for palestinians
    and taxes collected from palestinians for palestinians but controlled by the terrorist vampires

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