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Hillary’s Double Standard on Protests

By Robert Parry

Hillary Clinton has excoriated Donald Trump for failing to stop a supporter from roughing up a protester during a speech, saying “This kind of behavior is repugnant. We set the tone for our campaigns — we should encourage respect, not violence.” Yet, in 2011, she did nothing to stop security personnel from brutalizing a 71-year-old veteran who stood silently with his back to her during a speech.

The protester, Ray McGovern, a retired Army officer and CIA analyst, was wearing a black “Veterans for Peace” T-shirt, when he was set upon within sight of Secretary of State Clinton, who ironically was delivering a speech about the importance of foreign leaders respecting dissent. The assault on McGovern left him bruised and bloodied but it didn’t cause Clinton to pause as she coolly continued on, not missing a beat.

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One thought on “Hillary’s Double Standard on Protests

  1. I’ve just watched a damning YouTube vid,that asks who is the arch racist,and Hilary Clinton won hands down,the question was what is worst,a derisory remark about a ethnic or racial minority group,or mass deaths of said group,namely arabs /Muslims, the latter was opted for.Hilary Clinton is a bad option,if America needs a strongman to sort it’s existential crisis, caused mainly by zio intellectual and plutocrat elites, creating chaos and death in the near east ..My fundermental belief,is that the whole Muslim world deserves a apology, and so do the brave servicemen and women,who lost their lives,limbs and minds damaged by what they witnessed,Hilary Clinton has been a part of the machinery that has caused this misery..We Need a New Broom to clear this mess, which is now destroying my continent(Europe),No More Clinton’s and Bushes Please!!

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