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In alliance with al-Qaida, israel is stealing Syria’s oil

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Afek chairperson Effie Eitam has ordered fatal beating of Palestinians and has expressed his desire for them to be killed. (Juda S. Engelmayer)

Israel steps up oil drilling in Golan

Israel is moving forward with plans to drill for oil in the occupied Golan Heights, despite warnings that the move violates international law.

For the last year, Afek, an Israeli subsidiary of the US firm Genie Energy, has undertaken exploratory drilling in the Golan. Afek believes there is a vast reservoir of oil under Syria’s Golan that could supply all of Israel’s energy needs.

In September 2015, Afek announced it had discovered its first oil reservoir at one of the sites where it had been drilling.

Last month, the company was granted the go-ahead to conduct more drilling in the Golan by the Israeli authorities.

In response, Palestinian legal rights group Adalah and Al-Marsad

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3 thoughts on “In alliance with al-Qaida, israel is stealing Syria’s oil

  1. I would say you have stated the case very well, Robert. Israel is unable to live in peace with its neighbors, it’s lobbies are undermining democracy in countless countries, and its aid and support for terrorists has been demonstrated time and time again. All of that combined is a pretty sizable threat to the world.

  2. President Basha Assad did not fall thanks to his brave army and good friends of Syria like Iran,Hezbollah and Russia,he has learned the Roman maxim,”if you want peace prepare for war”,he has to rebuild his military, possibly buy a few of those awesome Russian jets,missile systems etc..”The devil comes not with horns and hooves but a pleasing form with a smile”,Assad was honest broker,and played nice ,and what did he get,wolves laying claims to his flock,be it the US neocons,Saudi Arabia,gulf states and Israel ,taking chunks out of a weakened Syria …..

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