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Medical Ethics? In ISRAEL? Surely You Jest!

[ Ed. note – The above video surfaced in the last 24 hours. It shows a wounded Palestinian man lying in the street–practically motionless, and obviously posing no threat to anyone. But at about 1:49 what happens? Well, we see an Israeli soldier raise his weapon, step forward, and fire a bullet into the man’s head. The impact of the shot is visible just before the white van passes in front of the man.

The Israelis have promised an investigation, but of course this is just for show. It would be a mistake to expect to see the soldier prosecuted or to face justice for his crime, and the article below will afford you some insight into why this is the case should you be lacking in that department. The article was posted yesterday at Mondoweiss and deals with the issue of “medical ethics” in Israel (or perhaps more precisely the lack thereof). Specifically it concerns the widespread practice, by Israeli soldiers and medics, of leaving Palestinians bleeding in the streets while doing nothing to help them–something we’ve all seen on a numerous videos and which we know goes on as a matter of routine, regardless what Israel supporters may profess to the contrary.

It seems that a number of health care professionals are incorporating Talmudic edicts into their medical practice–in fact the article even mentions the Israeli Medical Association and its amalgamating of Talmudic principles into its stated policies on ethics. “We need to give the innocents different rights than the person who harmed them intentionally,” comments one of the medical “ethicists” quoted in the article and who expressed his views in a piece in the Lancet. How is it possible, in what sort of contingency can it be feasible, that a group of people might steal the land of another, place them under a brutal occupation, and still be regarded as “innocents”? Presumably by virtue of their being Jewish. That seems to be the only answer. ]


Israeli Medics are Leaving Wounded Palestinians to Bleed to Death

By Dan Cohen

Last December, an Israeli medic announced on his Twitter account that he would not treat injured Palestinians he deemed “terrorists.”

“As a ZAKA volunteer for close to twenty years. I am announcing publicly, I will not offer aid to a terrorist/murderer that hurt innocents, whatever his condition may be. Before I treat the victims,” he wrote.

Soon after, he claimed to have carried out his promise. On the scene at Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate where a Palestinian man who attacked an Israeli was shot, beaten with a metal rod and kicked by civilians, the medic boasted on Twitter that he did not treat the dying Palestinian man.

“For all of those asking, when I arrived today to the scene of the terror attack at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. I treated those wounded by stabbing and no! I did not go to give aid to the terrorist may his name be erased! despite the fact that his condition was mortal,” he wrote.

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