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Assad: Not All Countries Ready to Accept Palmyra Liberation

The video above includes comments from a Pentagon spokesperson who offers the view that Russia is playing a positive, constructive role in Syria. But in the article below from Press TV, we see Gen. Philip Breedlove basically dissing Russia as a threat to world peace and announcing the deployment of an additional US armored brigade in Eastern Europe, right on Russia’s doorstep.

This isn’t by any means the first time we’ve heard statements of a contradictory nature emerging from various US officials. Is the US government exhibiting a collective case of bipolar disorder? Perhaps, but it occurs to me that another possible explanation is that within the government are rogue elements that are acting outside of the president’s authority. Obama at the moment seems to be trying, no matter how clumsily, to steer the US away from an open conflict with Russia. But I would say it’s also a safe wager that there are those within the government intent on thwarting him in that effort.

Similar type forces are also operating within the British government–and of course the Zionist-controlled media is a factor in this passion play as well. A headline that appeared today at the neocon Foreign Policy magazine is quite illustrative: “Putin’s Attack Helicopters and Mercenaries are Winning the War for Assad.” The article refers to Putin as “the Russian strongman” and accuses him of “lies and distortions.”

By any rational, sane assessment the liberation of Palmyra is a wonderful thing for humanity, and it would not have been possible without Russian air support. In the 10 months the city was under ISIS control, its vast wealth of Greco-Roman antiquities underwent extensive destruction. But indications are that portions of it are salvageable, and archaeologists the world over are already starting to discuss possibilities for restoration.  This is humanity’s collective cultural heritage, and every human being on the planet who values that heritage owes Putin a debt of gratitude.

Foreign Policy was founded by Samuel Huntington, the progenitor of the “clash of civilizations” theory. That a Zionist, neocon news outlet would accuse a man like Putin of “lies and distortions” is not merely a case of blatant caviling. It borders upon the felonious.

Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, I suspect a war with Russia will become a foregone conclusion. Hillary’s comparison of Putin to Hitler is not the only reason I say this. Her personality is the other reason. Mrs. Clinton strikes me as someone who could easily be manipulated by the Zionists in the State Department, much more so than Donald Trump. The latter, for all his shameless pandering to AIPAC and his dubious honors from the Algemeiner, is far less likely to be finagled or cajoled into a war with Russia than Clinton. “America is a thing you can move very easily.” So said Benjamin Netanyahu famously in 2001. A Hillary Clinton presidency, should such come to pass, could well see those words borne out more precariously and dangerously than under any previous predecessor in the White House.


US to Employ Additional Armored Brigade in Eastern Europe

Press TV

The United States is stepping up its military presence on Russia’s backdoor by deploying an additional armored brigade in Eastern Europe, the Pentagon says.

US General Philip Breedlove, the top US commander in Europe, said in a Wednesday statement that the brigade will begin continuous rotations from early 2017.

The new measure, which will bring the US Army’s presence three fully manned combat brigades, was stated as a response to “an aggressive Russia” amid a crisis in eastern Ukraine.

“This army implementation plan continues to demonstrate our strong and balanced approach to reassuring our NATO allies and partners in the wake of an aggressive Russia in Eastern Europe and elsewhere,” Breedlove said.

“Our allies and partners will see more capability,” he added. “They will see a more frequent presence of an armored brigade with more modernized equipment in their countries.”

The Pentagon’s proposed budget, unveiled by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter last month, shows a four-fold rise for operations in Europe, standing at $3.4 billion.

According to Pentagon spokeswoman Laura Seal, “These efforts demonstrate strong alliances and partnerships backed by demonstrated capability, capacity and readiness to deter aggression.”

“We have been clear that we will defend our interests, our allies and the principles of international order in Europe,” she added.

The US and its allies accuse Moscow of supporting the Russian-speaking fighters in eastern Ukraine, and supplying their troops with military aid, reinforcements, and resources, allegations the Kremlin denies.

6 thoughts on “Assad: Not All Countries Ready to Accept Palmyra Liberation

  1. The so called “West” should be ashamed of themselves. the West is a Zionist controlled group of Criminals who have destroyed many countries in their quest for Greater Israel. All those in Britain are against Russia even after Putin unmasked all these countries and exposed them to be the real backers of terrorists, of course they have there in London the real Zionist terrorist of all the time, the Rotschild’s dynasty.

  2. What a glorious day when Palmyra was Liberated,this is truly a wonderful event,a important heritage site is saved for for all Humanity, oh must concur on this article above,the western governments silence speaks volumes, they are petty,churlish,and extremely wrong minded on both Russia,and the courageous Syrian Arab Republic army,anyway let’s Rejoice of this victory of civilised man over the brute savage

  3. Dammit, that Hitler analogy didn’t work out, let’s see, who can we frame next as the newest Adolph?

    The bankers and Israel have decreed that Assad must go. This ‘cease-fire’ is just a pause to let the ISIS thugs rest, recuperate and get more weapons.
    They’ll be back with a vengeance, maybe with surface to air missiles, courtesy of Uncle Sucker.

  4. P.S.,I’ve seen the area around Palmyra, it’s open dessert, er where was the US air force or drone squadrons????, if the Americans and its subordinate nations were serious about destroying Isis/isil ,why didn’t you see a scene reminiscent of the road to Basra in gulf war 1???? This explains a lot,and president Basha Al Assad is right in his assertion, that the west are not serious in fighting terrorism.. All I can say is thank god,the universe for Vladimir Putin, who has help put the breaks on US craziness…

  5. An excellent post, as always. Thank you!

    Black is white, up is down: yesterday/3-30-16, I watched the execrable Zionist Wulf Blitzer on CNN as he interviewed a guy — at first I thought he was John Kirby, the retired Navy admiral-now-US State Dept. shill; the demeanor and delivery were that similar — whose name I never did get but who was identified as some sort of “special envoy” (to the State Dept.?) for Syrian and other affairs. He, led by the softball-neocon-complicit questions by Blitzer, continually bragged that the US is against IS, is doing great things in ridding Syria of IS…in effect, one would have believed that the US had re-taken Palmyra! He never mentioned the Syria-Russia teamwork that had actually done the job! Stunning hubris, shameless propaganda….

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. Isaac, the West should indeed be ashamed, but I think Western leaders lack the capability of feeling such. It is indeed a great day, Ozy. Greg, I suspect Maduro of Venezuela is about to become the next “Hitler.” Wikipedia is already accusing him of “rule by decree.” Robert, yes, in the world of the mainstream media (the “stream” is substantially polluted), black is indeed white and up is down.

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