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3 thoughts on “On the Edge of Forever

  1. Here’s a nice anecdote to go with the GMO poisons:

    I was raised on a Midwest working crop and stock farm. Before the nasty herbicides–that were the forerunner of Roundup–were introduced, the wild life in our county was abundant and amazing. Deer, coyotes, quail, squirrels, doves, fox, racoons, possums, etc and many song birds. And the frogs, especially the Bullfrogs, were in abundance. If you camped out near a creek, the Bullfrogs would lull you to sleep with their magnificent croaking.

    Around 1964, the USDA–United States Department of Agriculture–sent out agents to talk farmers into buying these new herbicides for soybeans and corn, to increase their yield and spend less time in the field dealing with weeds, so they’d save money. Which we did… at first.

    Originally, the wildlife started disappearing so slowly, it was difficult to see or maybe understand what was going on, after all, our government said these herbicides were only killing those nasty weeds. After about five years, the impact on wildlife was noticeable and here to stay.
    After 10 or so years, the wildlife had mostly either been wiped out or left the area to get away from the poisons in the ground, plants and water. And the Bullfrogs? Gone. You might find a puny one now and then, but not the huge 15″ or so long ones. Gone, for good.

    About the only ‘wildlife’ that was around were sparrows, rats, mice and a few blackbirds that nested in wheat fields, which didn’t require the application of herbicides, but eventually the blackbirds also disappeared. If you went into the deep woods, you’d still find deer and some song birds, but even those numbers were reduced.

    Replacing the wildlife was cancer, lots of cancer. Nearly everyone in our farm ‘neighborhood’ had someone that was either fighting cancer or had died from cancer. We used to joke about living in ‘Cancer Alley,’ not realizing that we were poisoning ourselves.

    Add in the current herbicides being used with GMO’s and it looks like were siccing an artificial plague on humanity, like the ones that devastated parts of Europe and Asia in centuries past.

  2. Yeah, Greg, I know what you’re talking about. Back when I was growing up we had some relatives who owned a farm way out in the country, and we used to go out there and visit them quite often. That’s where I learned to drive a tractor. It’s not what it used to be. I think you could maybe make a case that the government agents back then really meant well and didn’t know how dangerous the pesticides they were pushing really were. You can’t say that today though. As the video above makes clear, the research has been done. The evidence is out there. It’s just that it’s being intentionally suppressed. So what does that say about our political leaders?


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