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Deir Yassin Massacre

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April 9, 2016 10:54 AM IMEMC News

09 APR 10:54 AM

Today, Saturday, is the sixty-eight anniversary of Deir Yassin massacre committed by the Ergun and Stern Zionist terrorist organizations against this village in 1948, killing 250-360 Palestinian in cold blood, after the two groups invaded the village of 750 inhabitants.

By the time the villagers realized the intensity of the terrorist attack, hundreds were already dead, and the rest fled for their lives, before the terrorist groups occupied it.

The attack and bloodshed started approximately at 3 at dawn, but the two Zionist groups were met with armed resistance that also led to the death of four attackers and the injury of 32 others.

After that, terrorists of Ergun and Stern called for help from the “Hagana” leadership in Jerusalem, and once more armed terrorists arrived, many carrying automatic machine guns, they started firing on the villages, including women, elderly…

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One thought on “Deir Yassin Massacre

  1. every single day plus the leap day is a remembrance day of a jew massacre, pogrom, monstrous crime against christian, muslim.

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