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Would Hillary Clinton Be a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the Neocons?

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[Ed. note – In a recent post I wrote the following:

Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, I suspect a war with Russia will become a foregone conclusion. Hillary’s comparison of Putin to Hitler is not the only reason I say this. Her personality is the other reason.

Mrs. Clinton strikes me as someone who could easily be manipulated by the Zionists in the State Department, much more so than Donald Trump. The latter, for all his shameless pandering to AIPAC,  is probably less likely to be finagled or cajoled into a war with Russia than Clinton. “America is a thing you can move very easily.” So said Benjamin Netanyahu famously in 2001. A Hillary Clinton presidency, should such come to pass, could well see those words borne out more precariously and dangerously than under any previous predecessor in the White House.

It looks now like journalist Robert Parry agrees with me. In the article below, Parry discusses the fact that a number of prominent neocons are supporting Clinton, and that should she be elected she doubtlessly will surround herself with such people in the White House. As Parry puts it, “Clinton’s election could mean that some of the most dangerous people in American foreign policy would be whispering their schemes for war and more war directly into her ear – and her record shows that she is very susceptible to such guidance.” ]

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

By Robert Parry

The Democratic Party establishment seems determined to drag Hillary Clinton’s listless campaign across the finish line of her race with Bernie Sanders and then count on Republican divisions to give her a path to the White House. But – if she gets there – the world should hold its breath.

If Clinton becomes President, she will be surrounded by a neocon-dominated American foreign policy establishment that will press her to resume its “regime change” strategies in the Middle East and escalate its new and dangerous Cold War against Russia.

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5 thoughts on “Would Hillary Clinton Be a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the Neocons?

  1. Hillary is indeed incapable of refusing the Jews anything, including a .”limited” war with Russia.

  2. yes
    she would be the female cheney
    the “neo”cons (jewcons) would pour in like skunk water.
    infiltrate the system even worse than happened under sax o phone bill, dickus/doofus, oreobama the house negro
    the goydumb slave world in the judaized west will be complete

  3. Hilary Clinton is the most dangerous Woman in the world,have you seen her psychotic blood thirsty comments in her younger years on YouTube???,bloody scarey,I quite agree that this woman will ramp up all the dangerous activities of the likes of Victoria Nuland,neocons and liberal interventionist like Samantha Power have made a unholy pact ,to crush any nation that defys the empire.It is devine providence that Vladamir Putin is in power in Russia,who happens to be smarter than his opponents ,and in many ways has saved the US from itself,if not the world from obliteration,just imagine a more extremist nationalist leader ruling Russia,probably you or I would not be here ,with the imperial overreach in former soviet republic of Ukraine.

  4. Good observation, Ozy. Putin saving America from its most destructive tendencies is how I’ve kind of looked at it too.

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