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Israel On a Rampage of Destruction In the West Bank


Israeli bulldozers are tearing up Palestinian structures at a rapid pace this year, destroying more than 500 houses and other buildings and displacing more than 650 men, women and children in three short months. The demolition spree is outpacing last year’s rate by more than three to one, and monitoring groups are raising the alarm.

Representatives of the European Parliament have spoken out against the destruction, saying Israel is violating international law. The United Nations and the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem have issued several reports and called for a halt to the demolitions; even the U.S. state department has expressed “concern” over the campaign.

The New York Times, however, has given short shrift to this story, relegating it to wire service reports, which appear neither in print nor in the featured headlines of Middle East news on the website. Only readers who search the site for specific news about…

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2 thoughts on “Israel On a Rampage of Destruction In the West Bank

  1. Barbara Erickson is an intrepid scold of the New York Times’ Zionist outlook and determination to provide cover — typically by simple failure to report ALL the news that’s fit to print — for the criminally psychotic Zionist regime operating out of Tel Aviv. Thanks for re-posting this particular “Times Warp”!

  2. oreobama the house negro no problem.
    cackling, corrupt, psycho witch no problem. it wants more skulls around its neck
    gotta complete genocide before trump swears allegiance to constitution and not jewry

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