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Anti-BDS Measure Marches Forward in California…As ‘Death to Arabs’ Protest Unfolds in Israel

[ Ed. note – A ‘Death to the Arabs’ protest was held Tuesday evening in Tel Aviv. Here is a bit of what went on there…

The protest, which drew several thousand people, was held in support of Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier who pumped a bullet into the head of a critically injured Palestinian while being filmed on videotape. Israeli alternative journalist David Sheen showed up at the protest with the intentions of shooting video, but got attacked and beaten by the mob. You can read about it here.

Essentially what we have here is a racist state where thousands of people gather on a major public thoroughfare to openly call for murder. Meanwhile, in California state legislators are pushing forward with a bill to impose stiff penalties on those who engage in a boycott of that very same state.

I would be tempted to say it’s an insane society we live in, but that would be a sane statement–and sane statements aren’t allowed in insane societies. ]


Anti-BDS Legislation Faces Crucial Hearing Tomorrow in California Judiciary

By Annie Robbins

It’s crunch time in California as the ongoing legislative assaults against BDS, introduced in multiple states including bills in Congress, intensifies. The latest incarnation in California’s anti-BDS attack is AB 2844 “California Combating the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel Act of 2016,” introduced by Assembly member Richard Bloom of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus.

AB 2844 barely passed the California State Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee last week and is set for a hearing by the house’s Judiciary Committee  tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19.

AB 2844 follows 2 pending efforts, AB 1551 and AB 1552 the “California Israel Commerce Protection Act,” introduced simultaneously by Assembly member Travis Allen, a right-wing Christian Fundamentalist who recently traveled to Israel to meet with Israeli legislators in an effort to garnered support for the bills, which he claims are “Due to Discrimination and Bigotry“.

The intention of all 3 bills is to legislate penalizing businesses and entities participating in boycotts against Israel. If passed the state and all state affiliated institutions would be prohibited from engaging in contracts with businesses boycotting Israel as well as imposing huge fines/penalties on those businesses if found to be violating the provisions of the pending legislation, essentially blacklisting all businesses supporting BDS from state and state municipality contracts. This is unconstitutional because political speech is protected by the 1st amendment and, according to the Supreme Court, so are politically motivated boycotts (note the “demands for equality and racial justice”).

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6 thoughts on “Anti-BDS Measure Marches Forward in California…As ‘Death to Arabs’ Protest Unfolds in Israel

  1. Thanks for this report. I warm in all possible fora that LAWFARE is the Zionist choice-du-jour for advancing the sordid, psychotic interests of the Ziostate so-called Israel and of Zionism worldwide. Pity the Palestinians who are forced to endure hell on earth as “God’s children” play with their fate, their legitimate aspirations for truth, justice and liberation.

  2. There’s probably similar bills moving thru all US state legislatures. Just like the holocaust school training bill that is nearly similar no matter which state you look at.

    Since the Supreme Court has ruled that money is a form of free speech, then not giving can also be a form of that speech?

    Except when it comes to Israel. Must defer to the occupying power.

  3. “death to arabs” not just signs and graffiti.

    the killing is happening with silent noise (arabs killed, jews victim) in occupied palestine and lots of noise in every other arab country..

  4. bullets could be a form of free speech?
    will need to get an opinion from the supreme sanhedrin in dc

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