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New Anti-Assad Propaganda Offensive


[Ed. note – Bashar Assad, the evil “dictator” who “kills his own people” but yet somehow inexplicably visits churches on Christmas and finds himself surrounded by joyous parishioners, is back in the news again–and this time, one mainstream media outlet has the goods on him for sure!!!!!!

The New Yorker, seemingly just in time for the imminent collapse of the Syrian peace talks, has stumbled upon a “truckload of captured Syrian government documents” proving, once and for all, Assad’s involvement in a litany of crimes so terrible the human imagination can scarcely comprehend or even conceive of. No doubt the US and its allies will either have to intervene on behalf of the poor Syrian people suffering under the tyranny of this mad man, or at the very least they will need to supply the gallant, moderate Syrian rebels with advanced anti-aircraft weapons capable of shooting down Russian planes–strictly, of course, for the sake of ridding the world of this terrible menace.

Or at least that’s what we’ll be expected to believe. And naturally some will believe it. But many others won’t, and the New Yorker piece spoken of in the article below may be a good example of why only 6 percent of Americans any longer trust their media. ]

By Daniel Lazare | Consortium News

Now that Syria’s “cessation of hostilities” appears to be crumbling and rebel forces are gearing up for a fresh offensive, the mighty U.S. propaganda machine is once again up and running.

A case in point is “The Assad Files,” an 11,000-word article in last week’s New Yorker that is as willfully misrepresentative as anything published about Syria in the last five years or so, which is saying a great deal.

Written by a young Columbia Journalism School graduate named Ben Taub, it tells of a Canadian political entrepreneur named William Wiley who, starting in 2012, persuaded the European Union and the German, Swiss, Norwegian, Danish and Canadian governments to give him millions of dollars so he could begin building a criminal case against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

To that end, Wiley hired lawyers, translators, and analysts and sent investigators into Syria itself alongside “moderate” rebels so that they could rifle security and intelligence installations in search of incriminating evidence. Once they got what they were looking for, they either squirreled it away locally or spirited it over the border to an undisclosed location in Western Europe where the documents could be scanned, bar-coded, and safely secured.

The upshot is a 400-page legal brief that Taub says “links the systematic torture and murder of tens of thousands of Syrians to a written policy approved by President Bashar al-Assad, coordinated among his security-intelligence agencies, and implemented by regime operatives.” It is “a record of state-sponsored torture,” he adds, “that is almost unimaginable in its scope and its cruelty.”

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4 thoughts on “New Anti-Assad Propaganda Offensive

  1. The Zionist Criminal Agenda will not cease to intervene and try to get rid of the legitimate President of Syria. The so called “Syrian Dictator” is one of the main obstacles for the Greater Israel. Sorry Jew boys, Russia will not let go, Russia is not under the spell of the Khazarian Criminal Mafia.

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