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2 thoughts on “Happy Orthodox Easter

  1. I couldn’t open the Russian link.

    I do wish that Ma’an had made clear that Palestine contains Christians of both “branches” of the faith — Western (Roman?) and Eastern (Orthodox). A very good Palestinian Protestant friend (she began life as a Catholic) living in East Jerusalem wrote me yesterday (4/29): “…we are still in the Easter spirit, as the Orthodox are celebrating on May 1, and actually all the Christians in the West Bank celebrate with the Orthodox which is really nice.” Amen.

  2. Yes, Robert, unfortunately the service was over about a half hour after I posted the link. It was all in Russian, so unless you speak Russian you wouldn’t have understood much of it, but it was a very spectacular and beautiful ceremony, held inside the very beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Yes, I guess in Palestine the Easter season runs a little than it does in most other places. Kindest regards to your Palestinian friend.

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