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Russia Intercepts Another US Plane Flying Near Its Territory

[ Ed. note – This latest intercept, over the Baltic Sea, comes after:

  • the intercept of a US spy plane near Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on April 21
  • an earlier intercept over the Baltic Sea, on or about April 18
  • the buzzing of the USS Donald Cook, also in the Baltic, on April 12

Intercepts are common, almost routine, but of course these come at a time of heightened tensions, with the US accusing Russia of carrying them out in an “unsafe” manner. At the same time, violence in the Syrian city of Aleppo has ramped up dramatically, with some 200 civilians killed in the past week, this occurring–probably not coincidentally–at the same time as the US has announced it will send some 250 additional ground forces into the country. Meanwhile, the US has rejected a call by Russia for Al-Qaeda-allied rebel groups in Syria to be designated as terrorists. Is all this a prelude to a US ground war in Syria in an effort to topple President Bashar Assad? If it is, we could be on the threshold of World War III.

A passage from an article posted Thursday at the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is worth taking note of here. Keep in mind what you’re reading is US government propaganda, so you sort of have to read and dissect between the lines:

Earlier in the year, a coalition of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) troops, Hizballah fighters, and Iraqi Shi’ite militias fought side by side with the Syrian military to break the battle lines of the anti-Assad rebels who have held northern Syria for years. IS took full advantage of this situation and launched its own offensive, capturing large amounts of territory as its fighters pushed west from their strongholds and north toward the Turkish border. Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters to the west also launched an offensive against the struggling anti-Assad rebels, and a small group of those rebels are now trapped.

The rebels in the area east of Azaz had been making gains against IS in early April, but by the middle of the month that progress had now been reversed. While it’s dangerous to ever take the word of jihadist propaganda as truth, the presence of the A-10 in this area would suggest that the United States is providing close air support for the anti-Assad rebels as they push back against IS — a level of coordination between the United States and local ground forces typically reserved for Iraq or eastern Syria.

If the United States is conducting air strikes against IS, and in support of anti-Assad rebels, it may be an attempt to protect the Turkish border and reassure a frustrated NATO ally. However, IS is still making gains. On April 27, there were reports that IS had captured five rebel-held villages, including Dudyan, west of Al-Rai and right on the Turkish border. IS is now close to closing off and destroying the anti-Assad rebels who are defending their most important border crossing — and the only one they still control in northern Aleppo.

What the writer seems to be doing is presenting a justification–or at least it could be construed as that–for  an expanded US military role in Syria. If the Syrian government and its allies had simply left the poor “struggling anti-Assad rebels” alone, and allowed them to continue occupying Aleppo and terrorizing the local population, then none of these terrible things would be happening–this is more or less what we’re being told here, and the article also seems to ply the well-worn talking point that Assad is a “magnet” for jihadists and the that only way to bring peace to the region is by overthrowing him and setting up a “democratic” and pro-Western government in his place.

Just close your eyes, click your heels together three times, and repeat, “It’s all about democracy…” Whether it’s setting up NATO bases on Russia’s border, overthrowing the government of Syria, or sending reconnaissance flights out over the Baltic with their transponders off, just remember–“it’s all about democracy…it’s all about democracy…” ]


‘Stay Away from Russian Borders or Keep Transponders on’: Russian Ministry of Defense


Russian Defense Ministry suggests US surveillance planes should either keep their distance from Russian borders while performing flights over the Baltic Sea, or at least keep aerial transponders switched on for identification.

There are two solutions for the US Air Force [operating in the Baltic Sea]: either do not fly near our borders, or turn on transponders for automatic identification by our radars,” Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said in an official statement on Saturday.

The statement comes after a Russian fighter jet intercepted a US surveillance plane, which was spotted in international airspace above the Baltic Sea on Friday with the transponder switched off.

The RC-135U reconnaissance plane is frequently trying to sneak up to the Russian border with the transponder off. Our anti-aircraft defense has to order our fighters off the ground simply to visually identify the type of aircraft and its ID number,” Konashenkov explained.

Continued here

4 thoughts on “Russia Intercepts Another US Plane Flying Near Its Territory

  1. Thanks for this post! Russia is not about to back down, to genuflect to the diktats of the imperialist-Zionist juggernaut that is the principal cause of a very significant percentage of the world’s problems.

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  3. Think back to history when America justifiably intercepted Soviet war ships in the Carribean sea during the Cuban missile crisis,because i wish the US administration would,because like those Soviet ships back then,the US war ships are a long way from home,right near Russian territory, and also I’m damn sure the current US administration are not quite as skilled at brinkmanship as they were back then..It’s a long way to pick a fight :/

  4. What the Zionist Criminal Mafia are doing is to keep provoking Russia into a fight that could be WWIII. The Zio boys do not care how many millions of people die as long as they advance their NWO agenda.

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