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So did anyone actually see this glass of water being drawn out of a Flint tap?

We are told that President Obama drank a glass of Flint city water. So did anyone actually see the water drawn from the tap? And why wasn’t that part shown on TV? You’d think, if the president wanted to reassure the people of Flint, he would have made certain the cameras verified the authenticity of the demonstration by showing beyond any doubt that it was genuine tap water. I mean after all, the only thing we see is a glass with some water in it–which could have been bottled water, for all we know.

Do I sound like a cynic? Maybe…but it kind of reminds me of six years ago when the media published photographs purportedly showing the president and one of his daughters swimming in the Gulf of Mexico–this designed to reassure the public that the Gulf was safe to swim in following the BP oil spill.

The photo-op took place in mid-August of 2010, after the Gulf had been sprayed with 1.84 million gallons of the chemical Corexit. Trouble is, the only person to witness the swim was the White House photographer. The media were barred from viewing it in person, and the photo published showed only two heads (Obama’s and his daughter’s) and some water. Water which theoretically could have been anywhere, since there were no identifiable landmarks anywhere to be seen in the photo.

RT has published a piece on Obama’s trip to Flint that includes a report from Caleb Maupin, who notes that a number of other cities, like Flint, also have decaying water systems. “The government is already prepared to spend about $400 billion to fix up the country’s water system, but experts say the cost could actually be much higher,” Maupin reports.

Meanwhile, as I noted in a recent post, 83 US senators have called for a “robust” increase in aid to Israel, this while half a million Americans have just been cut off of food stamps.

So Israel gets billions while the children of Flint get lead poisoning.

5 thoughts on “So did anyone actually see this glass of water being drawn out of a Flint tap?

  1. Excellent, sir! The irony (lead-based irony?) cries out for all with eyes to see and a brain to comprehend.

    Perhaps for his last act as POTUS Obama will drink a glass of “Gaza water,” proclaiming it clear and sweet evidence of the Zioentity’s humanitarian intentions for the well-being and peaceful progress of the Strip’s prisoners (if only they would submit and play nice to their jailors-cum-executioners).

  2. I don’t think it was. I think it was bottled water. I mean, if they’re not going to invite the cameraman backstage to show him filling the glass from a tap of actual running water, and then drinking from it, then it’s a worthless demonstration. Just like the alleged “swim in the Gulf of Mexico.”

  3. Great suggestion, Robert! Maybe I’ll write an article proposing he do that! ๐Ÿ™‚

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