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Syria: #AleppoIsBurning Campaign Created by West


[Ed. note – The US and its allies are now for all intents and purposes openly supporting terrorists in Syria, while at the same time much of the world, particularly since the dramatic liberation of Palmyra, is catching on. What to do? Create a massive public relations and social media campaign, concoct a story about Russian planes (or maybe Syrian ones) bombing a hospital supposedly run by Médecins Sans Frontières, then recruit a number of putative “Western revolutionaries” to promote outrage on Facebook, and–well–you get the idea. The #AleppoIsBurning campaign, as it’s called, seems to have taken a page right out of George Orwell. This is not to say Aleppo isn’t burning.

Bombs are rockets are pouring down like spring thunder storms, but they’re hitting the western, government-controlled area of the city while being fired from the areas under control of the US-backed jihadists–a fact conveniently overlooked by the media. In the article below, Vanessa Beeley asserts that the objective of the #AleppoIsBurning campaign is to create public support for a “no-bomb” zone that would in effect become a safe haven for terrorists from which to launch attacks. She also reports that the campaign has been created by George Soros-backed operatives. ]

By Vanessa Beeley

“I would like to point out something, if you open the trending section in Facebook you will see that Aleppo, Syria is trending.  They say the Syrian government is continuing air-strikes on Aleppo. The funny thing is we dont see or hear any planes.” ~ Marianne R Bedoun, Aleppo

The following photo was taken from Soros funded ‘ANA Press’ director, Deiaa Dughmoch’s Facebook page.  Translated as Aleppo citizens searching the skies for war-planes.  According to Marianne Bedoun, they might be there some time…

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