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Scottish Man Arrested for Teaching Nazi Salute to His Dog

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[Ed. note – I went to an event sponsored by my local animal shelter a while back, and there was a lady there who was just starting a new business: making organic homemade treats for dogs. She had a big tray full of assorted varieties of her specially made treats–all in the $3 to $5 range–and honestly, some of them were so decorative and so scrumptious-looking you would have been tempted to eat one yourself.

I don’t know if the man in the video below perhaps got hold of some of her treats for purpose of training his dog. I’m guessing not for a couple of reasons: 1) He’s in Scotland (I don’t think the lady has begun to export her treats overseas yet), and, 2) his dog, if you look at the video closely, doesn’t actually appear to be all that well trained. Nonetheless, teaching his faithful companion to respond to the word “Jews” and posting a video of it on YouTube, seems to have been enough to get him arrested in this era of hate crimes legislation and holocaust denial laws. ]

Anti-Semitism By Example

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Anti-semitism expressed in physical attacks on random Jews is dirty work, but somebody has to do it to keep Memory alive, what with the Survivors becoming extinct and the pretext of anti-Zionism keeping it hidden from view.

And who better to do this than the victim-to-be?

Severe hate laws passed in all the EU states have turned into a boomerang. The Goyim have become so cowed by them that nowadays you are lucky to catch a dog raising his paw in a Nazi salute. It’s a Jewish catch 22: without anti-semitic incidents it is hard to keep Memory alive. But without the laws, you can’t keep the inborn anti-semitism of the Goyim in check. So what to do?

Well, anti-Semitism needs nurturing.  It must be taught by example! Jews in a number of cases have been forced into the humiliating position of surreptitiously spraying anti-Jewish slurs on their own homes. But the man in this report — a true Jewish hero — went one even better. He actually carved swastikas on his own chest and head!

The police were able to determine that he had done it himself–not because carving while looking in the mirror gets the image reversed (the swastika is good that way: looks recognizable in reverse as well), but because he got carried away and claimed to have suffered blunt trauma. And the trauma he alleged was not identified on medical examination.

Still the story still had a happy ending for the Jewish community. His Goy neighbor, whom he accused of the attack, spent three months in jail before the case was finally cleared.


Austrian Carved Swastikas on His Own Body, Say Police

The Local

An Austrian who claimed attackers carved swastikas on to his chest and forehead is now being investigated for carrying out the carvings on himself as part of a bizarre revenge plot on his neighbour.

A relation of his neighbour even spent three months in pre-trial detention after he was accused of the attack, which police now believe was carried out by Austrian Robert T. on himself.

The 52-year-old had first claimed in September that he was attacked as he cycled home one night by three masked men, who pinned him down and carved a swastika into his forehead.

In February this year he then claimed he was attacked a second time when he said a young man waved him down and asked for help, saying his girlfriend was trapped in the car but when the he went to their aid he was hit in the back of the head and passed out.

He said when he regained consciousness, he was lying partly submerged in an ice cold stream with his hands tied behind his back when one of his attackers leaned over him and scratched a swastika into his chest with a knife.

Both incidents were being investigated in relation to a long ongoing dispute between T. and his neighbours where he lives in Bad Fischau near Wiener Neustadt.

In February police chief Inspector Leopold Etz said they believe that the suspects live in the same neighbourhood as the victim and have been trying to force him and his family to move out of their home in a dispute which goes back years.

The neighbour’s son-in-law was even arrested last year following the first attack but later acquitted after three months in pre-trial custody due to a lack of evidence. T. had then claimed that his attackers said the second incident was revenge for accusing their relative.

Now police say it appears T., who had told newspapers he had been afraid to leave the house following the attacks, made the whole thing up and carved the swastikas onto his own body to try and frame his neighbours.

Police became suspicious about some of the statements provided by T., including there being no injury to his head despite saying he was hit there hard enough to be knocked out in the second attack.

He was reported on Monday for providing false testimony, slander and falsely claiming an offence took place. His wife is also being investigated for providing false testimony.

Spokesperson for state prosecutors Erich Habitzl confirmed to the Kurier that they will soon decide on what charges to bring against the man, who denies any wrongdoing.

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One thought on “Scottish Man Arrested for Teaching Nazi Salute to His Dog

  1. I find the narrator’s voice and style on the YouTube video offensive. If he’s making the case that any content, any slur, any time, is okay, I can’t agree. The offensive depiction of the Prophet Mohammed a couple of years ago, and then the Zionist woman’s — can’t recall her name; a real nutjob — “draw the most offensive image of the Prophet possible” provocation in Texas are, IMO, incitements to Islamophobia that precisely suit the Zionists’ agenda…first of which is to get rid of (genocide) the hapless Palestinians of the “holy” land by any means.

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