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Zionists Disrupt Peaceful Nakba Day Event in London

[ Ed. note – A complete inability to self-reflect seems to be a classic Zionist behavior trait. This would appear true of the Zionists in the video above as well as of Mark Regev, whose comments are featured in the article below…

We all remember the day back in 1947 when the UN arbitrarily drew a line through a map of America and said, “Alright, Americans, everything west of the Mississippi River now belongs to this group of immigrants over here who have arrived in huge numbers and laid claim to it.” We all remember how the American people responded–how they all said, “Sure, that sounds reasonable,” and moved out of their homes and vacated their lands–more than half of their country–to accommodate the wave of newly-arriving immigrants, a group of people with a not-so-subtle sense of entitlement and who justified their claim on the grounds that the land had been given to them by God.

This, of course, did not happen to Americans.

But it did happen to Palestinians. And this is why they call it their Nakba. And Regev’s shortfall is that he can’t seem to figure out why. He much prefers to blame the victims. It’s more comfortable that way, I guess.  Regev, by the way, made his speech on Friday–two days before the mob of Zionists so rudely disrupted the Nakba Day shown in the above video. ]

Israel’s UK Ambassador Blames Palestinians for having No State on Nakba Day

Middle East Eye

The Israeli ambassador to the UK Sunday said Palestinians were to blame for not having a state of their own, during a speech on the day when Palestinians commemorate the Nakba, or the day of destruction.

Mark Regev, a veteran diplomat and former press spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was speaking during a plenary meeting of the British Board of Deputies, an organisation that describes itself as “the voice of British Jewry”.

Regev’s speech came a day after many in Israel celebrated the country’s 68th Independence Day to mark its establishment as a state in 1948.

Nakba Day is commemorated on 15 May, to mark the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war which ended with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

In his speech, Regev said he had noticed on Twitter that “there are groups this morning in the United Kingdom celebrating what they call Nakba Day”.

“We Jews celebrated this week Independence Day,” referring to the independence of the Israeli state.

“Jews across the board unite in celebrating our reclaimed sovereignty and independence.”

Regev said that those celebrating the “so-called Nakba Day” needed to acknowledge that the refusal of Palestinian leaders to accept a two-state solution had led to the failure to maintain a Palestinian state.

“Why aren’t you too celebrating 68 years of independence?” he asked, arguing that Jewish leaders in 1947 had agreed to a UN-mandated two-state solution but that Palestinians had rejected the proposal.

“We embraced the two states for two peoples concept. What did the Palestinians do? They said no,” he told the audience in London.

“Who is to blame for the fact that the Palestinians do not have a state of their own? Is it Israel?” he asked.

“[Palestinian leaders] said all or nothing – and they ended up getting nothing.”

Regev, however, echoed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in stressing that Israel has “no pre-conditions” for entering direct peace talks.

“We want peace – we believe peace is ultimately … is in their benefit.”

10 thoughts on “Zionists Disrupt Peaceful Nakba Day Event in London

  1. If Israel agreed to the UN deal, then why are they occupying all of Jerusalem, which was supposed to remain neutral and definitely not controlled by Zhid Inc?

    Regev’s doing the same shtick he does when Apartheid Israel bombs the rubble in Gaza, telling lies.

    Do I detect a sense of apprehension on the part of the Khazar Occupiers?

  2. Thanks for this post. Regev is a lying Fascist/Zionist s.o.b. who ought to be tarred and feathered and run out of London on a rail. May the Zioentity so-called Israel implode of its own criminal psychosis and general inhumanity. Viva Palestine!

  3. I keep hearing Zionism nearly everywhere I look in Alt Media as the main culprit for the jews evils deeds. I don’t get it. The real culprit is not zionism.
    It is just a screen. Same with the Torah. The ONLY culprit is Judaism. Period. To back up this rather blunt statement, I will urge the reader to search for :
    “A letter to Doctor Goldstein” from Benjamin H Freedman written in 1954.
    Also, “Pawns in the game” from William Guy Carr, written at about the same time.
    The extent of the Judaism cabale is way beyond any “normal” humain being imagination. And it its only based one single book : the Babylonian Talmud. Namaste.

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  5. the guy — freedman — was certainly passionate. i hope run across him somewhere in the beyond. i like reading him; it resonates. though i take it with a grain of salt since he is so convincing. my essential guide/ compass needle is whose doing the killing? “by their fruits you shall know them….the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” by that measure, the thief’s prints are all over the middle east and have been since neoisrael stole palestine.

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