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Israelis Shoot Another Teenage Girl


[ Ed. note – The seventeen-year-old “female terrorist” posed such a threat to the heavily armed Israelis that they just had to shoot her dead. Wasn’t any other choice. Or at least that’s their version of events. I keep waiting for the day when the Israelis shoot a pregnant woman and justify it on the grounds that the fetus was trying to stab someone. ]

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian teenage girl was shot and killed after she allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli border policewoman near the Ras Biddu checkpoint north of Jerusalem on Monday.

Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said in a statement that a “female terrorist” allegedly attempted to carry out a stabbing attack, adding that the Palestinian pulled out a knife and attempted to stab a female border guard stationed at the checkpoint. Another officer immediately fired gunshots at the Palestinian teen and “neutralized” her.

Israeli authorities routinely used the term “neutralize” in initial reports to indicate that a suspected attacker is no longer at large, sometimes indicating that the suspect has merely been apprehended or injured, though it is often revealed later to have meant the suspect was killed on the scene.

Al-Samri later confirmed that the Palestinian was killed on the scene. No injuries were reported among the Israeli soldiers.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health later identified the dead Palestinian teen as 17-year-old Sawsan Ali Dawud Mansur.

The deadly incident came hours after the bodies of two Palestinians siblings were released to their families — the last Palestinians to be shot dead by Israeli forces before Monday as part of a wave of unrest which began in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel in October.

Maram Abu Ismail, a pregnant mother of two, and her teenage brother Ibrahim were shot and killed by a privately contracted Israeli security officer at the notorious Qalandiya checkpoint last month after they allegedly threw a knife in the direction of Israeli forces, despite eyewitness accounts reporting the two had posed no threat to Israeli forces stationed at the site.

The Israeli Justice Ministry’s police investigation into the killings was dropped after it was revealed that a privately contracted security guard had killed the two siblings, rather than an Israeli police officer as had previously been thought.

The recent wave of violence has left nearly 30 Israelis and 200 Palestinians dead since October. According to the UN, investigations showed that Israeli forces have in a number of instances since the unrest begun implementing a policy of extrajudicial execution, shooting dead Palestinians who did not present imminent threat at the time of their death.

7 thoughts on “Israelis Shoot Another Teenage Girl

  1. Outrageous — but then the Zionists ruling over the Zioentity so-called Israel, ZioOccupied US, and too much of the rest of the world have re-written the book on outrageousness, time and time again. R.I.P., Sawsan Ali Dawud Mansur.

    I’d like to see Ma’an or another media source investigate Ms. Mansur’s life to speculate as to why, if indeed she was so immersed in hopelessness and fury as to try to cause some hurt on a Zio “border policewoman,” she undertook a mission of total futility. E.g., was the Zio humiliating and torturing Ms. Mansur? What was the context of Ms. Mansur’s alleged fury? Had her father, mother, or any close relatives or friends been murdered or incarcerated (e.g., administrative detention w/o charge for months or years on end) during the endless decades of Ziostate terrorism? Had her home, any property (agricultural fields…) or the like been demolished or otherwise destroyed? Had her schooling (she was still a child when murdered) been interrupted once, twice, repeatedly by Zio operatives? Had her spiritual life been proscribed by the restrictions of Zioterror? etc., etc.

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  3. The 9th Commandment forbids bearing false witness….

    curiously the modern day so-called “Jews” in Palestine are in fact ‘Proselytes’
    to Talmudic Judaism and are not in fact “Israelites”….


    check out the comments section @ the FORWARD, when you have the time

  4. Hi Helvena, I’ve been wondering where you went to. Yeah, I saw that video about a week or so ago and thought about posting it. Not sure why I didn’t. Hope you are okay, and good to see you again!

  5. Not particularly cute, although obviously the Forward writer thinks they are.

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