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3 thoughts on “Miko Peled, Israeli General’s Son, Discusses ‘Massacre and Genocide’ of Palestinians


    Coined by Jewish Lawyer Raphael Lemkin who petitioned the UN to make crimes of mass killing , Holocaust, as a Crime Against Humanity

    “M A T H E M A T I C S”

    The study of topics such as quantity.


    Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences ”

    How the average person has difficulty grasping the value of large numbers!

    America :Life expectancy at birth:78.62 years!

    Gaza: Life expectancy at birth: 74.4 years!

    Turkey: Life expectancy at birth: 73.03 years

    Iran: Life expectancy at birth: 70.62 years

    Sudan: Life expectancy at birth : 62.95 years

    South Africa: life expectancy at birth:49.48 years!

  2. jew experts will tell palestinians in gaza to expect to live to 74.4 but with jew medical treatments dont bet on making it past 40.

    or is it 14?

    remove jew, life expectancy reaches 98.4 years

  3. just saw a video of africans, iranians, turks, and poor white trash americans trying to beat down the gaza wall.

    living more years (so they say) even in a concentration-extermination prison of raw sewage, chem/bio/nuke weapons testing and organ donations at jew will very desirable.

    after seeing above figures, ive applied for gaza residency

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