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Country Music Singer Launches YouTube Tirade at Iran

[Ed. note – Singer Charlie Daniels has made a promo for the National Rifle Association in which he addresses “the ayatollahs of Iran and every terrorist you enable.” Imagine if Mr. Daniels instead had said, “to the supremacist rabbis of Israel and every terrorist you enable.” Imagine how much more germane and apropos the message would have been. Shucks! What a squandered opportunity! ]

By Ariadna Theokopolous

You don’t know zilch about America, Mr NRA. Your America is one of celluloid, a throwback to the “support the war effort” propaganda movies once churned by Hollywood for the “good war.”

Don’t call the steel workers, Mr NRA. They can’t hear you. They are worried sick trying to survive after retirement, their pensions defrauded by greedy parasites.


Are they watching the municipal/government workers with something like Schadenfreude instead of compassion? They might because the illusory America you natter about is no longer a nation united in mind and heart and with a clear understanding of what the enemies within and without (no, not the “ayatollahs,” dumb old geezer singing for your supper) have been doing to them. It is a nation divided, smashed into myriad “identities” and scared witless by every enemy du jour conjured up by the Ministry of Truth that directs the media.

Don’t call Mr Smith either. He no longer exists and if he did he couldn’t “go to Washington.” Only Mr Soros, Mr Adelson and Mr Netanyahu are welcome there.

Hang your funny costume, the getup you use to impersonate the rough and tough individualist, perhaps living in Wyoming. Dick Chenney lives there now.

Hey Charlie Daniels, Meet the 5 Dancing Israelis!

The devil went down to Georgia, he wuz lookin’ for a soul to steal
He wuz in a bind cuz he wuz way behind, and he wuz willin’ to make a deal…

–Charlie Daniels song, “The Devil Went down to Georgia”

Veterans Today has also published a commentary on Daniels’ idiotic video. Click here to access.

One thought on “Country Music Singer Launches YouTube Tirade at Iran

  1. daniels is a blithering idiot
    studio warrior
    give him and his kind a stage a mic then hear them fight
    maybe dance

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