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Report: Turkish Army Units Have Crossed into Syria

[ Ed. note – The US has for a while now been insisting that Russia back off from bombing Al-Nusra targets in Aleppo province on the grounds that America’s so-called “moderate rebels” are in the same areas. And so Russia, so as to avoid violating the terms of the ceasefire (under which the “moderates” are afforded protection) has complied. And lo and behold–what just happened? Terrorist forces, including Al-Nusra as well as some of the “moderates,” bombarded Aleppo neighborhoods over the weekend, killing 270 people.

Had America not insisted that Russia refrain from air attacks, would these 270 people still be alive? Is their blood now on the hands of Obama and John Kerry? I’m sitting here in America and Syria is thousands of miles away, so I’m obviously not in a position to offer a definitive answer to those questions, but I do think they merit pondering.

Another thing that merits pondering is the actions of Turkey, which, according to the report below has sent more than 100 of its regular forces across the border into Syria in direct violation of Syrian sovereignty. In addition to that, you can also go here to see drone footage of a large convoy of terrorist reinforcements pouring across the Syrian border as well. So far Russia has made no effort to stem this flow, though some observers are speculating that it may be Russian strategy to allow the troop movement to proceed completely into Syrian territory before finally closing the trap on them. That I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, it is reported that the US and its coalition partners are planning an assault upon Raqqah. My best guess as to what’s happening–and I could be completely wrong–is that we are seeing an effort by the US and Israel to finally implement a partitioning of the country, though again we’ll have to wait and see what develops, and certainly Russia and the Syrian Army will be decisive factors in all this along with Hezbollah and Iranian forces. ]

Turkish Army Troops Deploy in Aleppo Province

Syrian Free Press

(FNA) ~ The Russian defense ministry announced that several units of the Turkish Army have crossed the border with Aleppo province in Northern Syria and have deployed forces there.

“The local people have informed that Turkish army troops are now in Aleppo province,” the Russian-language Interfax news agency quoted the Russian defense ministry as saying on Friday.

The Russian defense ministry warned against the negative consequences of the presence of the Turkish army in Northern Syria.

In late May, the Kurdish sources announced that several units of the Turkish Army had deployed forces to the surroundings of the towns of Azaz and Marea.

Member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PDS) Ahmet Arac said that the hundreds of the Turkish soldiers crossed the Syrian border at Bab al-Salameh border-crossing and deployed their forces in al-Shahba’a region near Marea and Azaz.

“The Turkish Armed Forces are preparing an offensive in the Azaz and Marea regions that have been the scenes of tough battles between the ISIL terrorists and its rival group of the Free Syrian Army,” Arac added.

“Also the Turkish Army carried out rocket attacks on the positions of Democratic Forces of Syria,” he went on to say.


Moscow Calls for Closing The Turkish Borders to Stop the Flow of Arms and Terrorists to Syria

Syrian Free Press

(SANA, Qabas/ Mazen) ~ Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Moscow calls for closing the Turkish-Syrian borders to stop the flow of arms and terrorists, reiterating the need for an international cooperation to combat terrorism in Syria.

Zakharova, at a weekly press conference, added “we call again to activate the international cooperation in combating terrorism in Syria, including Jabhat al-Nusra,” adding that there are no longer possibilities or time to call the gunmen in Syria as moderate opposition.

She affirmed the need to ensure the closure of the Turkish-Syrian borders as a main condition to stop supplying the extremists and terrorists with arms and ammunition and to stop the flow of gunmen who compensate the losses in the ranks of the terrorists.

Zakharova went on to say that the Russian Foreign Ministry rejects accusations that the Russian air force strike civilian sites in Idleb province, stressing that the Russian warplanes have not carried out any military missions there.

The Russian official added that Moscow is ready to cooperate more closely and effectively with Washington on Syria, pointing out that such cooperation is existed, but it could have been more effective and we are ready for that, denying that Russia neglected the calls for enhancing coordination of efforts with Washington.

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