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Scientists Create ‘Human-Pig Embryos’ in Effort to Harvest Human Organs for Transplant

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[ Ed. note – Scientists at the University of California at Davis are attempting to harvest human organs from pigs. It seems that in the process they have managed to create an embryo at is part-human and part-pig. ]

By Nicola Davis and Kevin Rawlinson

Scientists trying to grow human organs inside pigs in an attempt to tackle a shortage of donors have successfully created part-human, part-pig embryos.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis combined human stem cells and pig DNA and allowed the embryos to mature for 28 days, before terminating the experiment and analysing the tissue.

They believe the animals, which if they had been carried to term would have developed a human internal organ, but would have looked and behaved like any other pig. The goal is that in the future, similar animals could potentially act as a ready source of organs for life-saving transplants.

To create the “chimeric” embryos, the scientists used a gene-editing technique known as Crispr to knock out a section of the pig’s DNA necessary for the embryo to develop a pancreas.

Human induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cells were then injected into the pig embryo. These are cells that have the potential to develop into any tissue type in the resulting foetus. Although genetically foreign, they are not rejected by the pig embryo because its immune system has not yet developed.

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2 thoughts on “Scientists Create ‘Human-Pig Embryos’ in Effort to Harvest Human Organs for Transplant

  1. something is missing from our highly educated

    “best and brightest”

    of course these sorts give us depleted uranium


    much worse

  2. Things like this seemingly Frankenstein idea of growing human organs in a pig would be totally unessarry, if the medical profession consulted the spiritual leaders of the major religions,as well as society to delay I perceived fears,fear of desecration of bodies of the departed,bodies being ravished for parts etc,people need more knowledge of the organ donation process,and a holistic consultation ,with a belief that all was done to save the patient and the departed was treated with dignity..

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