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Report: ADL Secretly Supported Internment of Japanese Americans in WW2

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Israeli Official Calls for ‘Mega-Event’ to Cleanse Palestinians from Area C

By Richard Edmondson

Think about how many times you’ve heard Zionists fly into a rage when somebody happens to draw an analogy between Israel and Nazi Germany. Dare to make such a comparison and you’re sure to find yourself accused of “anti-Semitism.” But Zionist protestations over the matter need to be regarded in light of a couple of recent developments…

One is a comment issued by an Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on his current visit to Russia. Uri Ariel, the repugnant Israeli cabinet minister who has in the past called for the tearing down of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the construction of a Jewish temple in its place, has now come out and openly called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Area C in the West Bank.

“We have to aspire to the annexation of Area C; these are areas where there are no Arabs at all,” Ariel said. “We would remove a few thousand, who do not constitute a significant numerical factor.”

Additionally, Ariel said the world should also disabuse itself of the notion of there ever being “two states for two peoples.” It ain’t gonna happen, he says.

In reality there are more than a “few thousand” Palestinians living in the West Bank’s Area C. The number estimated by the UN is 300,000. In terms of land area, Area C comprises 60 percent of the West Bank.

Ariel’s comments are reported in the Times of Israel. The article does not use the term “ethnic cleansing,” employing instead such words as “remove” and “evacuate.” Ariel, who presently serves as Agriculture Minister, says the Palestinians in Area C could easily be “removed” to Areas A and B, and just to make the “removal” a little more palatable to world opinion he would advocate Israel allocate $2.6 billion to “improve the local population’s quality of life,” as the article puts it. But he insists it’s a fallacy to insist that world opinion would never stand for it, and he likened such a population removal to other “mega-events” that have occurred in the past.

“They said it wouldn’t happen and then it happened: They said there wouldn’t be a Jewish state, and it was created,” Ariel said. The annexation of East Jerusalem, the absorption of a million Russian Jews, the evacuation of thousands of Israeli Jews from Gaza and other events that people refused to believe could happen prove that “one can never say never,” he said. “In Israel, the most expected thing is that every 10 years an unexpected mega-event occurs.”

So here we have a high-ranking Israeli official advocating inflicting another “mega-event” on the Palestinians, but if you compare that to Hitler or the National Socialists, you’re a Jew-hating anti-Semite.

The second recent development that might lead some down the Zionist=Nazi path is a recent article by Grant Smith of IRmep, who reports on a newly-obtained government document providing evidence the Anti-Defamation League supported the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Here is a little of what he has to say on the matter:

This week the Israel Lobby Archive releases an explosive report obtained from the FBI that reveals a great deal about the Anti-Defamation League. It provides a timely juxtaposition to the ADL’s newly launched charm offensive.

The ADL likes to portray itself as a civil rights organization broadly dedicated to fighting discrimination against all minorities facing bigotry and hate. However, ADL’s actions speak louder than words. In the 1940s the ADL had an opportunity to put its publicly trumpeted values into practice by opposing the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans in internment camps such as Tule Lake. There was just one catch. Congressional committees were poised to look into the alleged infiltration of communists and their sympathizers inside Hollywood movie studios. Such studios, including Warner Brothers, were providing the majority of the ADL’s funding. So, according to Warner Brothers Personnel Director Jack Holmes in a report, the ADL prepared congressional testimony for anti-Japanese American activist John R. Lechner about the continuing threat emanating from within the internment camps. This delayed Congress long enough for the studios to prepare their own system of blacklists and other measures designed to preempt more damaging congressional investigations and protect the ADL’s core funding base.

02/25/1944 FBI memo about the ADL from Jack Holmes

Smith discusses the matter in an article published recently at Antiwar.com, an article in which he also examines what might be thought of as an “identity crisis” the ADL is currently suffering, this in terms of trying to make itself relevant to peace and social justice movements of today (surely a losing proposition).

As for my own personal opinion regarding the “Zionist=Nazi” bromide (should anyone, that is, be interested), I’m of the opinion that it is indeed an invalid comparison–because the Zionists are worse. The Nazis, keep in mind, were in power a mere 12 years. If you add up all the people killed or displaced in all the wars fought by or for Israel over the past 68 years, or instigated by Zionist neocons in the United States, the number probably exceeds six million (and that’s assuming the “six million” figure attributed to Germany is even close to correct, which many have argued it is not). In addition to the wars, the sanctions against Iraq, in the years 1990-1995 alone, killed an estimated 567,000 children under the age of five–a toll which Zionist Secretary of State Madelaine Albright viewed as “worth it.”

By the way, the Tule Lake Internment Camp, pictured above, was located in Northern California and was one of ten concentration camps built to house Japanese-Americans during World War II. Japanese prisoners taken to the various camps totaled some 120,000–less than half the number of Palestinians Ariel seeks to “remove” from Area C.

5 thoughts on “Report: ADL Secretly Supported Internment of Japanese Americans in WW2

  1. 1. “if you compare that to Hitler or the National Socialists, you’re a Jew-hating anti-Semite.”
    In fact you’d also demonstrate a poor grasp of history (WWI and WWII) as well as unfamiliarity with the monumental work of some serious historians, like David Irving.
    2. “openly called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Area C in the West Bank”
    Just in time, a terrorist attack kills four Jews and wounds many others, allegedly by Palestinians dressed as ultra-zionist jews eager to help Israel along. Coincidence? Maybe.
    3. Not surprising that the ADL supported the internment of the Japanese hoping to distract attention form themselves. This kind of sidling up to power and stepping on the underdog was the typical jewish behavior in the ‘diaspora’ for centuries, as described by Shahak. This, until they replaced the Goy power and became the masters.

  2. Thank you for this significant post. Grant Smith is a heroic, indefatigable researcher and exposer of Zionist perfidy in trade, nuclear secrets and theft, evasion of FBI et al attempts to expose Zionist operatives’ illegal machinations in violation of the FARA/Federal Agents Registration Act, all with accustomed impunity and arrogance…and now this report of vile activity against Japanese-Americans in WW II. Zionism is the scourge of history: hypocrisy, double dealings, lies, manipulations, distortions, bullying, mass murder…a criminal psychosis out of control. I believe that Zionism’s hold on the US, via the “entangling alliance” so cleverly fashioned over decades, is irrevocable. The Palestinians suffer the consequences every day. We all suffer from Zionism in lesser physical and psychological ways, and most of us are unaware….

  3. “This kind of sidling up to power and stepping on the underdog was the typical jewish behavior in the ‘diaspora’ for centuries, as described by Shahak…”

    People should also get a copy of E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Sprit” which makes this point particularly clear as well.

  4. “I believe that Zionism’s hold on the US, via the “entangling alliance” so cleverly fashioned over decades, is irrevocable.”

    Don’t be so pessimistic. Hold on to the thought that just about everyone felt the same way for many decades about the Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union.

  5. Thanks! Pessimism is indeed the name of my game, but here I think justified. I believe the Zionists have learned a lot from the Bolsheviks and the Third Reich (perhaps also studying the Japanese overreach and Mao’s model?), carefully avoiding mistakes made and entwining their tentacles here, there and everywhere to ensure that their dominance and control will not/cannot be challenged. I’m 72 and almost surely won’t see the ultimate denouement…I’d like to be proven wrong.

    I’m involved to some extent in the affairs of both the United Methodist Church and the AAA/American Association of Anthropologists, at which very recent convocations of each defeated the most bland, symbolic attempts to try non-violent kickback (BDS) at the Zionist enterprise that always has the hapless Palestinians in its gunsights. The UMC — that paragon of peace and justice — was especially disturbing, something like a “nay” super-majority of 559-137, and I think the next “try” will be four years hence….

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