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Dancing in Syria

[ Ed. note – I wonder how long this dance school would remain open should America’s “moderate rebels” succeed in seizing power in Syria. The Syrian people go on exhibiting amazing resilience in the face of attacks upon their country by proxy terrorist armies funded by the usual suspects (we all know who they are), as meanwhile the Western media continue to preach to us that Assad is a brutal dictator who “kills his own people,” etc., etc…. Yes! A brutal, brutal dictator who kills hundreds of thousands of his own people–but who allows dancing schools to remain open! Sounds a bit of an anomaly. But maybe the Daily Beast has an explanation readily available they’d care to share with us.

At any rate, on to some late breaking news. You could maybe call this portion of today’s post the “Dancing in Turkey” section. RT reporter Lizzie Phelan has crossed the border into Turkey and is filing a series of reports this week on ISIS activities, including the digging of trenches, which the Turkish government doesn’t seem overly concerned about stopping. ]

‘Turkey the Only One Supporting us’: Syrian Rebel Siding with Islamists on Ankara’s Role


While civilians who still live on the Turkish-Syrian border suffer from Islamic State attacks and blame Turkish army inaction, so-called moderate rebels of the Free Syrian Army, fighting side-by-side with Islamist extremists, openly admit Ankara’s support.

RT’s Lizzie Phelan visited the Turkish town of Karkamis, located on the border with Syria just opposite the area controlled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). She spoke with locals residents, refugees and militants, who described the role Turkey has allegedly played in fostering and supporting both Syrian rebels and Islamist extremists.

Many Karkamis residents were forced to flee the town and find a home elsewhere because of the danger they faced from ISIS attacks across the border.

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3 thoughts on “Dancing in Syria

  1. The only democratic opposition are the Kurds, the rest of them are all various forms of head chopping cannibal rapists,and Ergogan’s regime in Turkey has slave markets selling yazidi girls..The neocons have created a unholy mess,god help us when the evil queen takes her throne.If Satan exists,he must be having some fun times..

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