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One Sick Video: Worshiping ‘God’ and Celebrating the Nakba

You could perhaps call it a celebration of genocide, although one of the participants tries to put a diplomatic face on it for the camera. “It’s not like we hate the Arabs, it’s just very complex,” he explains.

Video description:

The Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was cleared of its Palestinian inhabitants on the eve of the Ramadan holiday, 5 June 2016, to make way for a flag procession by Jewish religious nationalists, celebrating Israel conquering the eastern half of the city 49 years earlier.

Store owners, street merchants, and shoppers preparing for that evening’s celebratory feast were driven out of the lanes that fell along the route chosen by march organizers and approved by Israel’s Supreme Court. From a safe distance behind police barricades, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem watched silently as ultra-nationalist Jews paraded through the quarter, singing songs of praise to Yahweh and calling for the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

Tens of thousands of Israelis took hours to stream through the monumental Damascus Gate and weave their way through the alleys of the Muslim Quarter, eventually reaching their final destination, the holy Western Wall plaza, where they were treated to musical performances and a series of speeches by top religious and political officials.

5 thoughts on “One Sick Video: Worshiping ‘God’ and Celebrating the Nakba

  1. “Don’t worry about international legitimacy.” Right. Zionism: A collective and criminal psychosis always granted impunity. I made it to minute 7 and had to stop…nauseating, this arrogance.
    Viva Palestine! (That sounds more and more plaintive….)

  2. in the fate of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews – ghetto’d in their own country – Whites in North America can preview their own transitional fate at the hands of the Judeo-globalists. And, given the Jews’ peculiar intensity in the matter of disarming Whites, it is evident their ultimate purpose is genocidal mass murder

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