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Tell California Senators to Vote ‘No’ on Anti-BDS Bill


Posted by Marcy

Urge the CA Senate Judiciary to vote NO on AB2844, the anti-BDS bill that mandates a state enemies list of businesses boycotting Israel — or any other country the US recognizes. The aim of the bill — to be heard on June 28th — is to deny state and city contracts to businesses on the enemies list. We don’t need another McCarthy era; we need free and robust public debate!

Action Items:

1. Contact the following Senators:

-State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, at her Santa Barbara office at (805) 965-0862 or use the following email form: http://sd19.senate.ca.gov/send-e-mail.

-State Senator John Moorlach, Vice Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, at his Costa Mesa office at (714) 662-6050.

-State Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) at his office at (916) 651-4017

-State Senator Bob Weickowski (D-Fremont) at his office at (916) 651-4010

State Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) at (619) 596-3136

2. You may use the following suggested script as a guide for your email or phone conversation.

“My name is ___________ and I live in _______, California. I am asking the Senator to oppose AB 2844, the California BDS Act of 2016 because it will have a chilling effect on public debate and aims to punish businesses — large and small — that protest human rights violations.

I expect the Senator to uphold the First Amendment to protect the right to boycott, and VOTE NO on AB2844.

Thank you for your time.

7 thoughts on “Tell California Senators to Vote ‘No’ on Anti-BDS Bill

  1. Thank you for this important posting. I spent too long at this issue and will probably be ignored for my trouble, but this is the text of a comment I sent to Jackson (her first name concerns me, but I can find no indication that she is Jewish and therefore might be biased against BDS based solely on that affiliation):

    Senator Jackson, I have learned that your Judiciary Committee has before it AB 2844, the California BDS Act of 2016. Even though I am not in your district or a resident of California, this bill concerns foreign affairs and is therefore important to me. The entire movement to ban BDS from peace-and-justice activists’ ability to confront Israel’s endless and evil persecution of the Palestinian people is outrageously wrong. The Palestinians initiated the BDS movement in 2005 as a non-violent means to bring accountability to Israel. Imagine: the Palestinians are routinely excoriated for “violence” against the illegal occupation of their land; shall we now deny them “non-violence” as well?! I ask, in the strongest terms, that you do all in your considerable power as Committee Chair to oppose any and all action on AB 2844! The US Constitution’s First Amendment is under assault, and you must deny this effort to thwart freedom of expression and principled opposition to human-rights abuses by an occupying authority (Israel)! Please let me know of your standing up for law and justice.

  2. Damnation! When I completed my above comment and then clicked on “Submit” at Jackson’s site, I was denied entry via “Address is not in District. Please contact your District Representative.”! I guess I’ll try to call tomorrow morning….

  3. Very well written, Robert. Since you’re having trouble with the form, you can visit Sen. Jackson’s Twitter page here:


    And if you have a Twitter account you can Tweet your message to her directly:


  4. This morning, I had a very satisfactory phone conversation with Senator Jackson’s office’s Katie, who gave me her own e-mail via which I transmitted my comment. Katie replied that she will ensure that the Senator is made known of my concern. Here are Katie’s pertinent words: “Thank you…Senator Jackson is seriously considering the proposed implications of this bill, and I have personally taken note of your recommendations…interest from concerned people such as yourself is critical to Senator Jackson’s work and to our government.”

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