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Israeli Settlers Attack Bethlehem; Spray ‘Death to Arabs’ on Palestinian Property


[ Ed. note – Elizabeth Warren has been doing a lot of high-profile campaigning for Hillary Clinton of late. The Massachusetts senator has a reputation as a “progressive,” and she and Trump have been doing a lot of back-and-forth name-calling. Warren has called Trump a “thin-skinned bully” and “a small, insecure money grubber,” while Trump has referred to Warren as a “sellout” while dubbing her “Pocahontas” in response to her claims of Native American heritage. Both, however, seem to be big supporters of Israel. I have already discussed Trump’s pandering to AIPAC in a speech he gave back in March. Today, I decided to look up Warren’s own record on the matter of pandering to Israel. She’s done quite a bit of it, as I discovered.

Back in 2014, Warren defended Israel’s bombing of schools and hospitals in Gaza. Her justification for this was that Hamas had placed rocket launchers next to the destroyed facilities–a claim made by Israel which Warren apparently accepted without questioning. “America has a very special relationship with Israel,” the senator claimed, adding that Israel “lives in a very dangerous part of the world.” These are of course standard hasbara talking points, and Warren’s resorting to them would at least suggest, if nothing else, a lack of imagination on her part.

Yesterday, The Forward published an article about Warren, referring to her as “the surprising Israel hawk on Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential short list.” Noting that she “has always been fighting against the financial service sector and for consumer rights,” the article also discusses her close ties to AIPAC as well as her willingness to occasionally alienate progressive Democrats by defending Israel.

How much Warren’s support will help Clinton remains to be seen. Some seem to feel it will shore up support among the Democratic Party’s progressive base. Others seem to feel that Warren has forfeited her credentials as a peace and social justice advocate. In either event, both women seem to be courting support from powerful Zionists. All worth keeping in mind as you read the following article. ]


Ma’an News

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers from the illegal Beitar Illit settlement raided Palestinian lands in the village of Wadi Fukin in the central occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem on Tuesday, according to local witnesses.

Ahmad Sukkar, head of the Wadi Fukin village council, told Ma’an that a group of Israeli settlers raided agricultural lands in the al-Fuwwar area of the village, destroying two greenhouses and tearing up plants belonging to Maher Sukkar, Jamil Assaf, and Muhammad Manasra.

Sukkar also said the Israeli settlers uprooted the plants of Muhammad Saleh Manasra and Naim Daoud Attiyeh, before spray-painting “Death to Arabs” on their property.

Israeli settlers from the illegal Beitar Illit settlement, which has been built on private Palestinian lands belonging to the villages of Husan, Nahalin, and Wadi Fukin, commonly raid the communities and destroy Palestinian property.

Beitar Illit is one of several settlements that comprise what Israel refers to as the “Gush Etzion” settlement bloc, which Israel plans to illegally annex into its territory, according to the Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ).

According to ARIJ, Israel’s plans of incorporating the Gush Etzion settlement bloc into the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem — boundaries that Israel continuously redefines in order to annex land further into Palestinian territory — parallels with Israel’s objectives of reshaping the demographics of the city by lowering the Palestinian population to 20 percent, and filling in the rest with Jewish Israelis.

Local Palestinians often attribute settler attacks on Palestinian communities — 51 of which have been reported since the start of this year, according to UN documentation — to Israel’s larger goals of depopulating Palestinian villages near settlements by scaring Palestinians into leaving their lands in an attempt to make room for the expansion or connection of the illegal settlement blocs.

While the Israeli government does not make Israeli settler population statistics public, most rights groups agree that some 600,000 settlers reside in Israeli settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem — all of which are considered illegal under international law.

8 thoughts on “Israeli Settlers Attack Bethlehem; Spray ‘Death to Arabs’ on Palestinian Property

  1. Once again, as so often, I disagree with you, Richard. Elizabeth Warren always speaks the truth.
    1. “America has a very special relationship with Israel.”
    Pure truth. What can be more special than a self-sacrificing love full of such abnegation that one (the US) places the needs and wants of the beloved (Israel) above the needs of one’s own?
    2. ”Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world.”
    Again, pure truth. What can be more dangerous than an area that is the birth place of terrorism (since about 1947), political assassinations, land grabs, child killings for sport, and where a rogue nuclear state bent on world domination is located?
    3. Yes, she is a Native American. Her Indian name was given to her, as is the custom of her tribe, by her father who named her after the first thing he set eyes on upon hearing of her birth, and which the natives consider premonitory: SucklingSkunk.

  2. Yes, I can clearly see she has the potential of becoming one of the most beloved vice presidents in US history–right up there with Al Gore and Spiro Agnew.

  3. Ah, memories…
    Al Gore invented the internet or, as GW Bush called it “the internets,” and has dedicated himself to prove climate change by exhaling a lot of CO2 for large fees.
    Spiro Agnew was a master of alliteration (“nattering nabobs of negativism,” “pusillanimous pussyfooting”), railroaded by those who had already prepared Nixon’s fall and didn’t want SA to be the next president. They convinced Nixon that sacrificing SA will distract attention for the brewing Watergate scandal. Agnew did receive “considerations” back in the late 60s when he was governor, but in 73 when he was VP his sin was dug up and used against him although it could not be proved so he was indicted for “tax evasion”…

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  5. At least Spiro never called anyone an “anti-Semite.” “Nattering nabobs of neagativity” was about the worst insult he ever hurled at anyone.

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