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Dallas Sniper Attack: Story Morphing

 photo micahjohnson_zpsbnmtdons.jpg

Alleged Dallas shooter Micah Johnson

[Ed. note – The alleged sniper in the Dallas terror attack has been conveniently killed by a robot. Well, at least they didn’t bury him at sea, “according to Islamic tradition.” As Scott Creighton puts it, the story is presently “morphing.” Seems like false flag attacks have a habit of doing that. ]

Multiple Snipers Becoming One Dead ‘Lone Gunman’….Carpenter (Patsy?) Micah Johnson

By Scott Creighton

Gone like hobos in Dallas, like Dancing Israelis in New York, like the three tall white guys in San Bernadino, like the extra shooters in Orlando…

What’s really frightening is that after all the witnesses saying there were at least two shooter positions located high above downtown Dallas and the fact that they have 3 more suspects in custody, reportedly arrested in possession of rifles, they are now starting to seed the public with the idea that Johnson acted … alone.

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3 thoughts on “Dallas Sniper Attack: Story Morphing

  1. There is a lot more going here than the simplistic analysis of corp media,many online point to some kind of psyops,but when you have the police acting like their at war,it may seem with all the provocations they may get what those on high want,this comes from the top,there are people who set the culture and attitudes on the ground ,just as during the Iraq war those in high office (Donald Rumsfeld)set the culture that ended up with the abuses documented with the Abhu Graib scandal,some secret hands are at play to cause racial /ethnic discord,mischief and harm…

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