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The New Prime Minister of Britain

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New British Prime Minister Theresa May says, “I am Jewish.”

By Richard Edmondson

Theresa May is now officially the new prime minister of Great Britain. Her swearing in comes as blogger Richard Silverstein has added some new details about Eyal Krim, the chief-rabbi-designee for the Israeli Army who says “it is permitted” for Israeli soldiers to rape non-Jewish women.

I first reported on Krim in a post two nights ago (in an update at the bottom of the page), but Silverstein seems to have fleshed out the story on him a little more. Here is a bit of what he now reports:

Haaretz also reports that Krim told his Orthodox audience that wounded Palestinian attackers were not human, but rather animals who should be summarily executed.  This is a criminal act for which Elor Azarya is now being prosecuted.

 photo krim_zpshggukeif.jpg

Eyal Krim, designated to become the new chief rabbi of the Israeli military.

He also said homosexuals should be treated mercifully as if they were “sick or deformed.”  Jews should hope that gays can redeem themselves from their unnatural behavior and return to a natural approach to sexuaity, meaning a relationship between man and woman.  Homosexuality, he found, “destroyed” the natural order.  Man, he believed, had free choice to behave according to nature and should choose to do so.

The ruling that women could not testify in court was intended to protect them, since their “sentimental” nature would not permit them to withstand the rigorous nature of cross examination.

When asked his views about the “Jewish jobs” movement which attempts to force businesses to employ Jews only, he responded that it was not racist since it’s intent was to help Jews.

If a Jew found a copy of the New Testament he should burn it. treating it with “extreme brutality.”  Doing so was right and just since Christian doctrine was considered “idolatry” and harmed the world.

 photo mirvis_zpssnetqggb.jpg

British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Perhaps the new chief-rabbi-designee will receive an invitation to visit No. 10 Downing Street at some point. Theresa May, of course, has a long history of support for Israel, and according to a report here she had dinner on Tuesday night–the eve before her swearing in ceremony–with Ephraim Mirvis, the chief rabbi of Britain who has in the past equated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

“The fact that she did this (had dinner at the rabbi’s home) in the midst of critically important preparations before taking up office is a reflection of her strong desire to keep to her commitments and the esteem in which she holds the British Jewish community,” Mirvis said.

You have to wonder how long it will be before the chief rabbi of Britain and the chief rabbi of the Israeli Occupation Forces decide they have pressing business to discuss, and whether or not the new British prime minister might take a notion to mosey on over and join them, that is assuming it wouldn’t look too unseemly.

Mirvis went on to speak glowingly of May in a statement released to the press:

I recall the speed and the sensitivity with which she reached out to the Jewish community following the terror attacks on Jewish targets in Europe last year. As she made clear then – “Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain.”

She has proved herself to be a friend and champion of our community and of other faith communities who share her values of tolerance and understanding. I wish her every success as Prime Minister and look forward to building upon our warm relationship over the coming years.

Here is a bit from a post on May Gilad Atzmon put up a couple of days ago:

Jews in Britain and Israel are over the moon with Theresa May becoming the British prime minister. 

The Israeli Ynet describes May as “Israel’s true friend.” 

The JC reports that May has worked closely with the Community Security Trust, a Jewish organisation that cares for the security of one ethnic group that believes itself to be chosen. May had committed another £13.4 million of government money to Jewish security measures and had made her intentions towards the community clear.

If Theresa May is destined to be our second Iron Lady, maybe she should attempt to stand up to the Lobby and serve the interests of her people. After all, she is going to be the British prime minister rather than merely queen of the Jews.  

Perhaps May read Atzmon’s column. In coverage of her swearing in ceremony, the BBC reports that the new prime minister, in remarks delivered outside 10 Downing Street, promised to lead “one nation.” In fact, this is stated in the headline over the article: “Theresa May Vows to be ‘One Nation’ Prime Minister.”  Strangely, however, the story doesn’t specify which nation this is–though readers, of course, will naturally assume it means Britain.

But May seems very much in the mold of your typical corrupt Western politician–and as the corrupt leaders in America have proven time and time again, Israel always comes first.

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