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Social Media and the Zionist Incitement !!

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“I want to revenge and kill a Palestinian” this was the post on Facebook account, so simple and straightforward.
What happened?

Ayala Hasson, an “israeli” journalist, reporter and news director in the zionist IBA News channel, has started a social media experiment in which she asked two people, a Palestinian israeli citizen from Nazareth, and a jewish israeli to post a message on their Facebook wall that they intend to kill an enemy in revenge. What happened?

Shadi Khalileh, a Palestinian resident of Nazareth, posted that he was inspired to kill a zionist occupier and he intends to do so.  Soon he received dozens of phone calls from friends and family members inquiring  what was wrong with his account, and whether his account was hacked and somebody else is posting hate speech on his wall. Also Arab Parliament members, who heard of the post, phoned his family asking how  could that…

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One thought on “Social Media and the Zionist Incitement !!

  1. I first read this report via an Intifada-Palestine release. I was so angry and frustrated by the wholeness of the post that I wrote a hurried comment:

    God damn Zionism and its every adherent!
    Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still The Issue! I, too, am a Palestinian!

    I’ve found that, last I checked, there are six other comments at the Intifada-Palestine site.

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