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Cynthia McKinney Calls a Shofar a Shofar

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[Ed. note – For the past few days, word has been circulating around that the same photographer who filmed the truck bombing in Nice on July 14, also happens to have been on hand at the attack in Munich on July 22. The issue has been posted on Twitter by Cynthia McKinney and has also been discussed at Reddit, Veterans Today, and elsewhere. ]

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Cynthia McKinney calls a shofar a shofar and links Israel –she does not just “appear” to make the link, as the Hill cautiously indicates — to recent terror attacks in France and Germany.

Only if one believes in astronomical odds coincidences can one arrive at a different conclusion. No wonder they gerrymandered her district to arrange for her ouster from Congress…

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6 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney Calls a Shofar a Shofar

  1. Curioser and curioser, weirder and weirder…when will the tipping point be reached and the lid blown off the Zionist menace to humankind? Kudos to Cynthia (I contributed twice from faraway Hawaii to her ultimately losing campaign in (?) 2008 when the Zionists did her in for telling the truth).

  2. Write-in votes, why not? Except that Goyim are neither as well organized as the Chosen, nor will they vote for a black person after Obama.

  3. A president for all the people–Goyim and Chosen alike! That’s what we need. (Maybe when “Mosiach” comes).

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