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Pensacola, Florida City Council Opens Meeting with Prayer by Satanist

When I was growing up in the 1960s, such a thing as a city council opening one of its meetings with a satanic prayer would have been inconceivable. But times have changed in America, and rather radically. In the video above, we see a member of the Satanic Temple of West Florida opening a meeting of the Pensacola City Council with a prayer to Satan. The people in the audience, some of them grasping Bibles and holding crosses in the air, are members of a local church who came to protest the event.

This of course is not the first time we’ve seen episodes of this nature. Back in February, a similar issue came up at a Phoenix City Council meeting, and there have also been reports of satanic cults in the US military, but what I find interesting about the spectacle in Pensacola is the demeanor of the council president and also–and perhaps most especially–the necktie he is wearing.

You can go here to read a news report published about the meeting in the Washington Times. The council president’s name is Charles Bare. Judging by the look on his face, he’s not having a particularly good time, but as we see in the video he basically acts on behest of the satanist, telling the Christians to shut up and threatening to clear the council chambers if they fail to do so.

But note the symbolism in the scene. Bare, sitting passively by while the Satanist urges one and all to “embrace the Luciferian impulse,” is wearing an American flag necktie! How ironic is that? Whether the symbolism was intentional or inadvertent, it was there nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “Pensacola, Florida City Council Opens Meeting with Prayer by Satanist

  1. That less than 2% can forbid the rest to hold an invocation appropriate for the major religion unless any and all, including a satanist one, are held, and then to send this Jewish clown to give his mock invocation and that the cowed Christians submit is a testimony to how low American has fallen.

  2. You’re right. America has fallen. And I doubt they allow nonsense like this to take place in Russia.

  3. As an author of Secret Societies Exposed and expert Cult Investigator, I see many new groups that are surfacing; yet remaining underground for fear of public humiliation, law enforcement intervention, and news media exposure. The strict “code of silence” is highly endorsed. Presently, according to FBI statistics there are over 4.000 thousand children in America that mysteriously disappear without a single trace. In my professional opinion this is due to abductions for Satanic Rituals and the validation is in the unaccounted whereabouts of its victims! People may feel skeptical about these bizarre events, as sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Like so, the Culprit can also be attributed to horrifying Serial Killers who engage in canibalism or the black market demand for human organs . Others are just missing due to Sexual Human Traffiking for the Arab nations. http://www.CharlesDelCampo.com

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