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One Year Anniversary of the Arson Attack on the Dawabsha Home


One year ago today, Israeli settlers threw petrol bombs into the home of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha in the village of Duma in the West Bank. The attack resulted in the deaths of Ali as well as his mother and father, Riham and Sa’ad Dawabsha.

The only survivor was five-year-old Ahmed Dawabsha, who suffered burns over 60 percent of his body and who after a year of hospitalization is now living with his grandfather.


Ahmed and his grandfather, Hussein Dawabsha, at the Tel HaShomer Hospital

“This child has been through a terrible trauma and he deserves to be happy,” Hussein told the Times of Israel. “Last year, several days after his last birthday, an awful disaster befell him, and this is the first time he is celebrating without his mother and father.”

Other members of the Dawabsha family have also experienced arson attacks on their homes, according to the Middle East Eye. This has happened on at least two occasions in the past year, most recently on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

“My wife woke me up when she noticed movement near the house, but when I looked around I didn’t see anything,” said Mohammed Dawabsha, who also lives in Duma. “Less than an hour later, when I was in the bedroom, the window smashed. Then a ball of fire exploded and set the room on fire, before spreading to other parts of the house.”

Mohammed and his wife were able to get out.

Two Jewish Israeli settlers have been charged with murder in the attack of one year ago. One of them is 21-year-old Amiram  Ben-Uliel. The other is an unnamed minor. A hearing was held in the case a few days ago in the Lod District Court while dozens of people demonstrated outside.

Hopefully justice will be carried out in the case. But the Israeli court system doesn’t have a very good track record of convicting Jews for murdering Palestinians. In this case, however, it may turn out differently given that the case has been such a high profile one.

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