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Obama Signs “DARK Act” in Major Win for Monsanto

[Ed. note – I think one of the greatest acts of treachery by our political leaders is the refusal to pass mandatory labeling laws for GMO foods. And in this case it’s not the “shadow” government that’s carrying out the treachery, it’s the very people we elected and put into office and who are doing it openly right in front of our our faces. For more on the DARK Act, see article below. ]

Obama’s GMO Embarrassment: Why the New Labeling Bill Signed into Law is a Sham

By Andrew Kimbrell

It is known as the DARK Act — Denying Americans the Right to Know. It was signed by President Obama last week in the afterglow of the Democratic National Convention, without fanfare or major media coverage. The bill’s moniker is apt. With a few strokes of his pen Obama scratched out the laws of Vermont, Connecticut and Maine that required the labeling of genetically engineered foods.

He also nullified the GE seed labeling laws in Vermont and Virginia that allowed farmers to choose what seeds they wanted to buy and plant. And for good measure he preempted Alaska’s law requiring the labeling of any GE fish or fish product, passed to protect the state’s vital fisheries from contamination by recently approved genetically engineered salmon.

The White House justified the DARK Act’s massive onslaught on local democracy on the grounds that the bill would create national standards for labeling of GE foods. It does nothing of the sort…

Continued here

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