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Is a Hot War About to Break Out in Crimea?

A Key question in all this is whether the US or NATO gave Ukraine the green light to carry out terrorist operations in Crimea. You’ll note from the above report that one of those arrested is an official with the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. With the US and other NATO countries actively providing training for Ukrainian troops, how likely is it the Defense Ministry would have undertaken terrorist attacks of this nature without first consulting with their NATO handlers?

Here is an excerpt from a statement put out on Thursday, August 11, by the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Mr Poroshenko constantly touts the “unconditional support from the USA, NATO, and the European Union” in his “fight to return annexed Crimea”. The West’s willingness to play along with this rhetoric undoubtedly played a role in the Ukrainian leadership’s criminal decision to attempt an armed provocation in Russian Crimea. If the commander in chief of Ukraine’s armed forces was involved in these decisions, he will have driven the final nail in the coffin of the peace process. If these decisions were taken without his knowing, then it is even worse. Kiev’s inaction in the face of growing militaristic rhetoric and violent acts planned and executed by so-called volunteer battalions and other extremists is cause for grave concern.

In an interview earlier this week, former CIA Acting Director Michael Morrell called for US forces to kill Russians and Iranians in Syria.

Yes, we have not seen an “escalation into war” at least yet. But if NATO begins to push the envelope by carrying out terrorist operations on Russian territory the escalation to war could well begin.

Ron Paul doesn’t seem to feel the conflict over Crimea will ratchet up into a world war. I hope he’s right, but the signs of an approaching confrontation seem to be all around us these days. The US media are pumping out streams of anti-Russian propaganda on a daily basis, as Paul Craig Roberts notes in a new article, posted yesterday, and also this week the State Department announced plans to sell Saudi Arabia $1.15 billion worth of tanks and armored vehicles.

If NATO is in fact planning to push the envelope all the way, if an open conflict is their strategy, my guess is they will initiate it on at least two fronts–Ukraine and Syria–and maybe more.

4 thoughts on “Is a Hot War About to Break Out in Crimea?

  1. On August 8, 2008, the opening day of the Summer 2008 Olympics, the powers that be started a war in South Ossetia. In February 2014 during the Winter Olympics, the powers that be brought in the snipers in Kiev, Ukraine. I was waiting for something to happen against Russia under the cover of these 2016 Summer Olympics.

  2. The assertions of Ukrainian junta authorities and NATO are ludicrous. The lawful government of Ukraine was deposed and the constitution abrogated. The old Ukraine was liquidated by fiat and Noodleman’s color revolution. It does not exist anymore. Crimea was well within its rights to realign itself under these circumstances–as is Donbass and Lugansk.

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