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Obama Founded ISIS, Says Trump; Media in a Tizzy


Inflammatory! Shameful! Disgusting!

The media are all in a dither at present over accusations by Donald Trump that Obama is the founder of ISIS. The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, New York Times–and pretty much all the rest–are reporting on Trump’s assertion, made at a campaign rally in Florida on Wednesday night and repeated in a CNBC interview on Thursday morning,  most quoting various “experts” expressing condemnation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, for instance, has referred to the comments as “bizarre,” while the Democratic National Committee released a statement calling them “outrageous, unhinged, and patently false.” But perhaps my favorite of all is the response voiced by Clinton campaign aid Jake Sullivan:

“It goes without saying that this is a false claim from a presidential candidate with an aversion to the truth and an unprecedented lack of knowledge.”

Perhaps Sullivan, the DNC, and Pelosi should check out these remarks made by Hillary, some years back, before what appears to be a Congressional committee hearing:

“So there’s a very strong argument it wasn’t a bad investment…”

Whaddaya know! Hillary Clinton telling it like it is!

But perhaps the DNC would care to argue that these comments she made were “outrageous, unhinged, and patently false” and maybe Sullivan, on seeing this video as well, should quit the Clinton campaign on the grounds that his candidate has “an aversion to the truth and an unprecedented lack of knowledge.”

6 thoughts on “Obama Founded ISIS, Says Trump; Media in a Tizzy

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  2. Obama did not directly fund ISIS,but under his watch he allowed the funding of Al Qeada/Al Nusra front,and is still feeding all stripes of Salafist and Takfari militants,who are still being described as moderate rebels,there is much discussion on who and what factions are fighting in Syria ,but for me there are only two factions ,the secularist represented by the Syrian Arab army and the Kurdish militias ,the other faction are various flavours of takfari head chopping rapists and islamist extremists,some the Western corp media describe as moderate,on the news all you hear about is ISIS ,but what about Al Qeada??…..These terrorist are like the mythical beast the Hydra ,several heads on the same monster,all need to be slain…

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