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IRMEP Files Lawsuit Against US Government for Illegal Aid to Nuclear Israel

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President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Stuart Symington

Corporate Crime Reporter

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. claims that United States aid to Israel is illegal under a law passed in the 1970s that prohibits aid to nuclear powers that don’t sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The lawsuit was filed by Grant Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy (IRMEP).

The lawsuit comes as the Obama administration is pushing to finalize a ten-year memorandum of understanding which will reportedly boost aid to Israel to $4 billion per year.

Such aid violates longstanding bans on foreign aid to non-signatories to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) with nuclear weapons programs, the lawsuit alleges.

Since the bans went into effect, U.S. foreign aid to Israel is estimated to be $234 billion.

Smith says that during investigations into the illegal diversion of weapons-grade uranium from U.S. contractor NUMEC to Israel in the mid-1970s, Senators Stuart Symington and John Glenn amended the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act to ban any aid to clandestine nuclear powers that were not NPT signatories.

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4 thoughts on “IRMEP Files Lawsuit Against US Government for Illegal Aid to Nuclear Israel

  1. Good for Mr Grant Smith, Either we have laws which are enforced, or we live under an unjust and corrupt system.

  2. I hope/I pray that this suit is given a fair judicial shake (doubtful, given the extensive Zionist infiltration of nearly every facet of US governance). I was a volunteer under Grant F. Smith in 2004 as we tried to interest the voting public in Ralph Nader’s quest to become POTUS. Grant was most impressive, and he was, even then, managing IRmep (I think he took a leave of absence to assist Ralph). I’ve read his challenging/provocative books and consider him an indefatigable, invaluable resource in the struggle to get Zionism off our backs. I’m no lawyer (Grant is), and my only puzzlement here is that, while invoking the Foreign Assistance Act, the Arms Export Control Act (prohibiting arms exports when the arms exported are used for offensive, not defensive, purposes) has not been linked. Perhaps it has…Grant is invariably leaps and bounds ahead of me.

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  4. Maybe it’s cited in the lawsuit, but just didn’t get mentioned in the article. As to Grant Smith, he has indeed done some important work, Robert. It’s interesting that you worked with him once. I remember when Ralph Nader ran for president back in the 90 s, I think it was. A lot of “progressives” were yelling and screaming and criticizing him for potentially taking votes away from the Democrat (which I guess would have been Clinton, or maybe it was Gore). I’ve always found people like that rather unpersuasive. I voted for Nader despite their caterwauling.

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