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Was Julian Assange’s Lawyer ‘Suicided’ Earlier This Year?

 photo jjones_zpsnoolzult.jpg

John Jones, attorney for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Back in April of this year, British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported on the death of John Jones, attorney for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Some are now questioning whether the 48-year-old human rights lawyer’s demise might be another addition to the “Clinton body count.”

Jones was struck by a train in London on April 18, though the Sun report is rather vague on the details:

A spokesman for British Transport Police said it was called to West Hampstead rail station in north London at 7.07am on Monday after a man was struck by a train.

A spokesman added: “He was pronounced dead at the scene. The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious. A file will be prepared for the coroner.”

The Sun refers to it as “an apparent suicide.”

However, within the last week at least two articles have been posted at different websites speculating on whether or not Jones was murdered. One of the articles, published at the European Union Times, states flat out that he “was suicided in April, for defending Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.” The writer goes on to note:

There is a severe lack of information that we don’t even know where exactly this happened, in West Hampstead train station? In the middle of nowhere? No one interviewed the train driver, no one asked him what happened or what he saw. Was he pushed in front of a train? Did he slip? Are there any witnesses? What about CCTV cameras?? UK is infested with those yet they prove useless now when we need them?

Certainly the timing is rather suspicious. Jones’ death came slightly over a month after Wikileaks released its first batch of Clinton emails.

The other article, posted at the D.C. Clothesline site, mentions the list of rather untimely ends that have been met over the years by a number of others with ties to the Clintons…and the writer also makes use of the word “Arkancide.”

“The word Arkancide, probably coined by the website Arkancide, refers to potential witnesses to the Clintons’ dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head,” the article states.

In addition to representing Assange, Jones was also defending Saif Gaddafi, son of Col. Muammar Gaddafi. He was employed at the prestigious Doughty Street Chambers law firm  in London.

“By all indications, Jones had everything to live for,” says the D.C. Clothesline. “He was only 48 years old, a successful, well-regarded attorney who lived in a £1.5 million home in Hendon, north London, with his beautiful and accomplished wife, 40-year-old Dr. Misa Zgonec-Rozej, director of an international law consultancy, and their two young children.”

In an article earlier this month, I reported on the death of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer who was shot to death in Washington on July 10. Rich may have been Wikileaks’ source on the Clinton emails, something that was alluded to by none other than Assange himself–in an interview with Dutch TV. In the same article I also talked about other recent deaths, including that of Victor Thorne, author of the series of books known as The Clinton Trilogy, who likewise was shot to death–near his home in Pennsylvania on August 1.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the last four years. On August 22, the embassy reported an attempted break in and criticized the London police for taking two hours to respond to the call.  RT commented that “the delayed response is especially surprising given the huge quantity of resources Britain has poured into surveillance operations outside the embassy since 2012.

A statement released by the embassy read in part:

The Government of Ecuador regrets that, despite the enormous resources that the British government has undertaken to prevent Julian Assange leaving the Ecuadorian embassy, the authorities did not respond more quickly to this extremely serious attempt an unauthorized entry.

7 thoughts on “Was Julian Assange’s Lawyer ‘Suicided’ Earlier This Year?

  1. These incidents are ominously suspicious. I have no doubt that there is a “hit squad” on call for “accidents”-cum-assassinations of these natures. I can’t recall details, but there was that investigative reporter on the verge of disclosure of a major scandal a couple of years ago…43 or 43 years of age, he died of an “automobile accident” on a California freeway in his Mercedes…so convenient. Who/what organization is the leading force at such perfidy…that can then use the action as blackmail to further solidify its agenda of domination and control and its hold over the workings of America and the world?…cui bono?

    (And the US general — John Odom? — who turned full circle to bitterly oppose Dubya’s Iraqi “shock and awe” debacle; he was in excellent health but died of a “heart attack” at his rural home in New England circa 2007. And on and on, for sure….)


  3. You make a painfully graphic, but very good, point, Guze. The beast isn’t just going to pass away peacefully in its sleep.

  4. I think the reporter you’re referring to, Robert, is Michael Hastings. He worked for Rolling Stone. Excellent investigative reporter. It’s thought he was working on a story about CIA director John Brennan at the time of his death. I posted an article about him a couple of years ago:


    It’s probably no surprise that Wikileaks posted the $20,000 reward offer that it did after the death of Seth Rich in July. That’s two people close to Assange who died under mysterious circumstances in a very short length of time.

  5. Yes, sir! Thank you — Michael Hastings, R.I.P. I read the link you provided.

    And it was General William Odom, staunch critic of Dubya and the shattering of Iraq, who died in 2008. My immediate thought was: cannot a heart attack be induced? It remains my thought, and supposition….

  6. Since this article was written we now have the suspicious death of young DNC staffer Seth Rich,the real man behind the release of damning Clinton emails,i tell you the woman is evil,the Americans and the world missed a bullit in her not being elected,one good thing Trump has done is to cut off funding for al qeada linked militants…

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