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Around the World the Flag of Palestine is Growing Quite Popular!

You can find the Palestinian flag flying in a lot of places these days–some of them thousands of miles away from Occupied Palestine…

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Last week, football fans in St. Etienne, France waved Palestinian flags as their team competed against Beitar Jerusalem, a club from Israel. The incident was widely reported, including by media in Israel. It is said that the Israeli players were confronted with Palestinian flags after their own fans had been prohibited from carrying Israeli flags into the stadium…


St. Etienne, France

This took place just a week after football fans in Scotland waved Palestinian flags during a match between their own club, the Celtics, and another Israeli team, the Hapoel Be’er Sheva. The Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, apparently got wind that something was up and issued a stern warning prior to the game–demanding that the Scottish fans refrain from displaying the flag. The fans defied the ban and waved it anyway…


Glasgow, Scotland

Elsewhere in the UK…

 photo flag_london2_zps2ngg9ic5.jpg


 photo flag_london_zpsn1mjvkvm.jpg


Elsewhere in France…

Lyon, France

Lyon, France

The Palestinian flag is beloved by the young…


Buenos Aires

As well as the old…

 photo zempel_zpsfac26b3b.jpg


On Monday of this week, Nickolay Mladenov, a UN envoy to the Middle East, reported to the UN Security Council that Israel continues to ignore international calls to halt its settlement activity on Palestinian lands. Mladenov was referencing a report by the so-called Quartet on the Middle East–comprised of the UN, the US, Russia, and the EU–which was released earlier this year and which called upon Israel to halt its settlement activity and its demolition of Palestinian homes.

“It’s (the report’s) recommendations continue to be ignored, including by a surge in Israeli settlement-related announcements and continuing demolitions,” he said.

In his comments, Mladenov pointed out that rather than curtailing its settlement activity, Israel–in the two months since the report was released–has actually increased it, with the advancement of more than 1,000 new units in occupied East Jerusalem and 735 units in the West Bank, according to a report in Press TV.

“All of these plans would essentially create new illegal settlements, and I call on Israel to cease and reverse these decisions,” Mladenov said.

With the US veto as Israel’s ace in the hole, I doubt we’ll see the Security Council take action, at least any time soon.

But be that as it may, the Palestinian flag continues to fly…

In Australia…



In Germany…


Munich, Germany

At packed concerts in Catalonia…

In Los Angeles…

 photo flag_LA_zps81t9w7z7.jpg

Los Angeles

In New York…


New York

And in India…

 photo flag_india_zpsihiwtczu.jpg


One place where the Palestinian flag is flown especially proudly is South Africa…but that’s not surprising given most people there remember their own history under apartheid rule…

We can also see the Palestinian flag flown in Chile…



In Barcelona…



And many other places as well.

What accounts for all this popularity of the Palestinian flag? Is it love for Palestine? Is it detestation of Israel? Is it a little of both perhaps? Perhaps the comments of these people in Italy might help shed some light on the matter…

“We will continue despite the power of the Zionist lobby in our country…”

“They think they can do anything because governments are backing them…”

Well, that says it fairly clearly, but if you’re still not clear on the answer, then ask yourself the following question: Does it help Israel’s cause, or hurt it, when some of the dirtiest, most corrupt politicians…in Italy…in the UK…in the US, and many other countries besides, go about constantly professing their eternal, undying, no-daylight-between-us support for Israel? The daily news provides an unappetizing display of this with each passing day.

Obviously support for Palestine is growing, and obviously the Palestinian flag has a special place in the hearts of a lot of people. I’m guessing the reasons for this have as much to do with the occupation that the Palestinians are suffering as with what people are experiencing in their own countries and the sense many have of feeling betrayed by their own leaders. Corruption is the order of the day, particularly in the West. This has resulted in unprecedented wealth inequalities, but just as tides change and the great fall, so do inequalities have a way of rectifying themselves. Palestine will one day be free, and so will the rest of us.

11 thoughts on “Around the World the Flag of Palestine is Growing Quite Popular!

  1. Don’t expect to see the Palestinian flag displayed as often in Argentina from now on. The Macri administration has reneged on and is walking back all of Cristina Kirchner’s measures. They are reopening the “investigation” into the bombing of the Jewish “cultural” headquarters (AMIA) cast as the terrorist act carried out by….. Iran. See, initially it was Syria but then Iran was thought to make a better villain. Also Macri announced that the outright hold up of Argentina’s finances by Mr. Singer of NYC will be honored. Cristina refused to pay it. Talk of “Islamic terrorism”is on the rise. The Pope mist be pleased. He hated the Kirchners and lent support to the voices asking for “justice” in what was a false flag attack.

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  3. “A flag?
    What good have flags ever done?
    Have they ever protected a city from the shrapnel of a bomb?”
    asked Palestine’s most famous revolutionary poet, the late Mahmoud Darwish.
    Often described as “the national poet of a nationless people,” Darwish was a humanist above all, and consistently warned against the trappings of nationalism, even as he bemoaned the absence of “normalcy,” of the feeling of belonging, of having a recognized homeland, for Palestinians. The Palestinians should not need to say “our country is loftier and more beautiful than yours,” he wrote, and will hopefully one day only need to fly the flag “on the football pitch,” and “on Nakba day.”

  4. “Carrot and Stick” Carve-Up of the Occupied West Bank Will Not Work for Israel


    ‘El Presidente’ Abbas’ lucrative gig as head enforcer of Yid insanity is about to end?

    I have several pro-Palestinian bumper stickers that are stuck on my pickup truck’s tailgate so that a vehicle behind me can’t fail to see the messages.

    Sometimes I get people passing, honking and giving me a thumbs-up, but mostly, people honk and flip me the finger or shake a fist at me or mouth obscenities.

    Americans, what a lovely bunch of clueless fools.

  5. I think Cook’s right. The color coding won’t work. They tried to color code America into “red states” and “blue states.” The red states were thought to be more patriotic, but turns out they’re the greatest threat now as they’re the ones supporting Trump.

  6. Hi Blake, yeah I saw that article at Mondoweiss yesterday just before I posted this. I thought it was kind of ironic that they were posting an article like that just as I was posting this one. The reality is that when and if a Palestinian state is established, it will probably turn out to be as corrupt as most other states, but I don’t think nationalism, in the traditional sense, is what’s driving this. The Palestinian flag has become a phenomenon, I think, in that it has become an important symbol in people’s own personal struggles for liberation in their own countries.

  7. Yes, Macri is bad news, that’s for sure. He seems to have much in common with leaders of the US and other countries in that he seems determined to undo social gains won over many years of struggle. All at the behest of global bankers, of course.

  8. Too be fair, we have not given them a chance yet. I read a book called “Palestine – An Inescapable Duty” written by a British Labour MP at the time David Watkins (since passed on). This is an excerpt from it – the last paragraph being the most enlightening:

    “In 1984 President Hafez Al Assad of Syria tried with characteristic brutality, to replace the PLO with an organization under his own control. He had prevented a sizeable body of PNC (Palestine National Council) members who resided in Syria from attending the Hussein-Arafat initiative (which originated on the initiative of King Hussein of Jordan) of Nov 1984 in Amman, Jordan and the Syrian state-controlled radio was screaming abuse at the proceedings every day. Palestinian democracy is far in advance of anything else in the Arab world & it frightens authoritarian regimes.

    All Arab regimes pay lip service to the Palestinian cause while in practice, many of them see the Palestinians as a political football to kick around to suit their own purposes. The Palestinian cause provides a rallying point for practically all Arabs, but among those who govern in Arabia, there is a fear of the democracy of the dynamic Palestinians, among whom power comes up from the people rather than being paternalistically handed down from above.”

  9. Interesting passage. Worth remembering, of course, is that Hafez Assad supported the first US war in Iraq, in 1991, and sent approximately 5,000 Syrian troops to fight alongside the Americans.

  10. The flying of the flag of Palistine is about showing solidarity and raising awareness, its struggle is very similar to the fight against aparthied South Africa,also the ordinary salt of the earth Brits played a big part in its downfall even pushing a rather stubborn former PM Margarate Thatcher to assist in boycott efforts.The Israelis are now feeling the worlds disapproval of its violent actions,it would be good for Israelis to feel shy and embarrased by their nationality when they are in the west ,much like western based Afrikaaners were during the aparthied era..BDS all the way

  11. I think part of the problem, Ozy, is that the Israelis don’t seem capable of learning from their mistakes. That plus the fact that they seem to have convinced themselves that the “world’s disapproval,” as you so aptly put, is due to nothing more than anti-Semitism.

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