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As the mainstream media were busily posting their anti-Trump diatribes today, I came across this video of two Americans debating the presidential contest on Press TV, although the word “debating” I use figuratively, since both agree with each other: a Clinton presidency would be a catastrophe.

“If the truth about how bloodthirsty and how corrupt this person (Clinton) is actually were carried by the media, she’d be ten times more unpopular than she is already.”

Well…that one’s hard to argue with, so I won’t try. And neither, as you will see, does the “debate” opponent. Still a very lively discussion nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy the video.

As for Clinton’s bloodthirstiness, the story of her “Libya Tick Tock” email should be on the front page of every single paper in the country today (you can go to Wikileaks and read the full text of the email). But alas, the media seem more intent on demonizing Trump than informing readers how much effort Hillary put forth in destroying an entire nation.

In fact, just today the following headlines have appeared:

“Donald Trump and the Mob” (Wall St. Journal)

“Donald Trump had a Bizarre and Abysmal August” (Huffington Post)

“Donald Trump’s Little Mexico Stunt Posed Big Security Risks, Say Secret Service Veterans” (Daily Beast)

“Here’s Why Donald Trump’s Plan to Build a Wall is Bogus” (Fortune)

“Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech in Arizona” (NBC)

“Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech in Phoenix” (Politifact)

“Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Immigration Speech” (ABC)

“Donald Trump a ‘Diplomatic Embarrassment,’ Dem VP Candidate Tim Kaine Says” (Yahoo News)

“Donald Trump is Dangerously Wrong on the Immigration-Terror Link” (Time)

“The Duplicity of Donald Trump” (New York Times)

“Donald Trump Confirms He’s Still a Nativist and a Racist” (New Republic)

“Be Careful When Donald Trump is Being Nice to You” (Washington Post)

The mainstream media seem to have lost a bit of perspective. All of these headlines recall to mind the old line about the person who “doth protest too much.”

6 thoughts on ““Amen!”

  1. Thank you! — a stimulating video presentation that had me transfixed for the entire 20 minutes; it should go viral and viral again. I was particularly grateful for Dr. Short’s reference to the Zionist media and (Zio)neocons even as I wished that aspect (the USrael “entangling alliance” strangling/occupying WashDC, the country, and inexorably the world) had been fleshed out in even the most cursory terms. I don’t think I heard the words “Palestine” or (theZioentity so-called) “Israel” mentioned at all…boo to that, because “Palestine Is Still THE Issue.”

    Today, I continue to be unable, on principle, to vote for either Trump or HClinton, but, if I were in a definite, potential game-changer swing state, I believe that I would find myself compelled to vote for Trump. On November 8th, I shall vote for Dr. Jill Stein/Green simply as my protest vote and to show that one more American is terminally dissatisfied by the status-quo duopoly of 2016 and too many prior years/decades.

    (Mr. Edmonson, your accompanying commentary is an admirable and just-as-excellent preface to the “debate”!)

  2. Dr. Short is, I think, a very captivating speaker and I hope to see more of him. Also, thank you for your kind, gracious words, Robert. As for voting, I’m still in the “undecided” column. The only thing I’ve decided on for sure is I’m not voting for Clinton.

  3. We could see another headline as well: “G.W. Bush Arrested on War Crimes Charges.” Don’t forget that feud between Trump and Jeb Bush and that bitter exchange they had over the Iraq war. Possible war crimes charges might be one reason the elites are sweating a Trump presidency so much. The Bushes didn’t even show up at the Republican convention.

  4. Great vid,I agree with everything said on that video clip,one thing that puzzles me is,are African Americans aware of madame Clinton’s culpability of the racial exstermination of black African Libyans??, and the direct funding of militants in Libya linked to these war crimes,all of this info recently released by wiki leaks,gleaned from those infamous e mails . How can the US black community still support this warmonger?

  5. I don’t know, Ozy, but it’s a good point. I’d say overall probably not, as the mainstream media seem for the most part to downplay Clinton’s transgressions.

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