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Corbett 9/11 Report # 3: The Lovable Philip Zelikow

[ Ed. note – Over the 9/11 Commission, the lovable Philip Zelikow had “dictatorial control,” as James Corbett puts it in this installment number 3 of his 9/11 Suspects series of videos. Zelikow was so lovable that key staffers, and even one of the 9/11 Commission members, threatened to quit at one point. Ah, but one thing you can’t fault Zelikow for is a lack of efficiency. It seems he had an outline of the final report already written just three months into the commission’s work and before the commission had even convened a single hearing. That’s being on top of things!

As the 15th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the mainstream media seem to be scrambling to try and prop up the official story (probably a losing battle). Esquire Magazine has published an article attempting to debunk “9 of the Biggest 9/11 Conspiracy Theories” (hat tip Ariadna ). The article mostly quotes debunker websites and Popular Mechanics magazine. It also cites a BBC report, but makes no mention of the BBC reporter who announced the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it occurred, nor does it mention Building 7 at all.

Also no mention of the five Israelis who were there to “document the event,” no mention of Larry Silverstein or his $4.5 billion insurance settlement–however, the author does assert his belief that websites discussing 9/11 ‘conspiracy theories’ are “weird” for the most part, and in some cases “almost comical.” If this attempt at “disproving” what’s in front of our eyes is the best the mainstream media can come up with, the official 9/11 story must really be in trouble.

In the article below, Paul Craig Roberts notes polls showing that the official story has lost credibility with a substantial portion of the American public–fifty percent, according to one poll–prompting the author to comment that “in America today ‘conspiracy kooks’ outnumber those who believe the official lies.” ]

The Tide is Turning: The Official Story is Now the Conspiracy Theory

By Paul Craig Roberts

In a few days it will be the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and this November 22 will be the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. These two state crimes against democracy destroyed American democracy, accountable government, and the Constitution’s protections of civil liberty.

Years after the damage done by these events the American people no longer believe the official stories. Neither does the government, but the government will never validate the distrust that Americans now share of the oligarchs’ government by acknowledging the truth.

The official explanation of the assassination of President Kennedy never made any sense. Videos of the assassination contradicted the official story, as did witnesses, and many credible people challenged the government’s story. The CIA was faced with the official explanation becoming unglued and launched its media program stigmatizing doubters as “conspiracy theorists.”

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3 thoughts on “Corbett 9/11 Report # 3: The Lovable Philip Zelikow

  1. You know things have reached a critical point of no return when PC Roberts makes a drastic change in his writing.
    No more Mr Suave Guy, no more litotes or metaphors, no more euphemisms. The worst nickname he was moved to use for the media in the past was “presstitutes.” And now…
    “What kind of a dumbshit moron does a person have to be to believe that the United States government and its media whores know better than the laws of physics?”
    If PC Roberts is this mad I shudder to think what the uncooth ones who don’t know an apothegm from an aposiopesis are doing. They may be sharpening their forks in readiness to assault Frankenstein’s castle.

  2. I think he’s used the term “media whores” before, but you’re right, this is the first he’s come out with the expression “dumbshit moron”–at least that I know of. You have a way with words yourself. I had to look up the word “aposiopesis.” In reading the definition, I came to the thought that–

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