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Deconstructing John Kerry’s Big Lies on CNN

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By Stephen Lendman

Launched in 1980 by Ted Turner as a cable news network, CNN transformed itself into an imperial mouthpiece when America goes to war.

During the current US presidential campaign, endless one-sided pro-Hillary/anti-Trump coverage dominates its programming, deplorable stuff featured not fit to air. It’s hard imagining why anyone wastes time watching. Other cable news channels are no better, air-time filled with worthless trash.

On Monday, CNN interviewed John Kerry, giving him a platform to misinform, deceive and lie like he always does, largely on Syria – Obama’s war CNN never explains, nor do other media scoundrels.

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2 thoughts on “Deconstructing John Kerry’s Big Lies on CNN

  1. Did the Secret Service ban CNN from Trump’s campaign?


    Kerry’s wife is worth close to a billion, so he doesn’t need to cash in after he leaves the SoS office.

    So what could possibly lure Kerry to be such a lying SOB? Not sure I want to think about it, but I’m guessing there’s some kind of occult link to all of these slimy murderers.

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